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  1. I didn’t receive a notification. But I believe people who actually filed online did. I found out on my approval notice where it said my notice came from California and not Nebraska. I received no updates on my case online except for that they were Reviewing it. My backup thought was in regards to the interviews being cancelled during COVID and all the approvals coming through.
  2. Our was a paper filing that was converted into an IOE by USCIS. There was a large bulk of Nebraska filers That got transferred to California, which I believe doesn’t usually do cr-1 processing and got faster approvals. I was a part of this group and didn’t know it was transferred until I got approval notice. I’m wondering if there will be a backup on the ncs and interview stages.
  3. I'm excited to post that we received our petition approval today! PD 1/6/2020 Approval: 5/14/2020 Only update on case was April 2 and then again today, 5/15. We filed paper, me living in US, spouse outside, and were uploaded as IOE. Hoping for good news for all!
  4. Has anyone here applied for the K-3 visa in addition to their CR/IR-1? I was under the impression when we started this whole process that the K3 was becoming obsolete but am seeing that it is still an active option on the US Dept of State website and can be applied for in conjunction with the CR-1. Any insight on this?
  5. I never saw anything on my I-130 form about social media handles...does this come later in the process?
  6. Wow, congrats! So many people getting quick approvals. It makes me a little nervous to see all these people who submitted after us get approved before. I’ve only seen an update on our case April 2 that it is under review.
  7. I decided to call around to some tax pros to get some advice before filing and am only getting more confused. I have heard the following: 1.W-7 form needs to have a certified signature on it or he needs to present in person. Is this true? 2. I need to file his ITIN separately from my tax return, wait for the number and then file taxes. from what I understood before this, we just needed to get his passport certified by the embassy (which we did), have him complete the W-7 and then send those in with my tax return to the IRS. am now being told by a couple different tax accountants that this isn’t correct, but it also seems like they’re not familiar with this process at all.
  8. We didn’t either. My lawyer said not to since they expire in six months. I assume it’s ok to wait until noa2
  9. Thanks for sending your personal experience over - it certainly makes the most sense to put in the effort to file jointly. My question regarding the W-7 - it asks for a mailing address for the applicant (my foreign spouse). Can I put my US mailing address even though he has never been in the US? I can put his foreign address in the next section, but he will not be able to receive mail there. Anyone know best way to fill out W-7 when spouse has no address in US? Can I use mine?
  10. The majority of my spouses income is cash based since he is a musician and they often just pay them cash, even for government contracts. Would we just estimate His income? Is there risk of being audited? I remember reading somewhere that up to a certain amount, the spouses worldwide income isn’t taxed. Is that correct?
  11. Do you make Do you make the appointment with ACS at the embassy under the spouse’s name and info since it’s their passport being copied or me as the US citizen?
  12. I called/emailed the US Embassy in Bogota to find out some more information on the process for the ITIN. From what I understand, I need to have him fill out the W-7 form and we need to obtain an official copy of his passport from the embassy/consulate. What I am unsure about is what kind of appointment to choose. When I asked the Embassy, they kept sending me back to the website that doesn't really make it clear. The options are shown in the attachment on this post. Any ideas?
  13. I feel you!! My parents haven’t even met my husband in person because he can’t get a visa to come here and it’s not easy to get them down to where he lives. We decided to just do it anyways. I too feel the pressure of not getting any younger and needing to start a family. Sending good vibes your way.
  14. My lawyer told me that the K1 has become increasingly problematic. Yes, they may be able to get here faster but the new administration has put a ton of new hoops to go through for your partner to get residency and the right to work, and ends up being a much longer process.
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