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  1. thank you! and thank you to everyone on visajourney for all your advice and help! we are all going to make it!
  2. got an email from the embassy saying the visa was approved and will be delivered in 2-3 days!
  3. got an email from the embassy saying the visa was approved and will be delivered in 2-3 days!
  4. that’s a good idea, i’ll give this a shot today. thanks for the advice
  5. i called the clinic and they said that they emailed the results to the embassy again yesterday and that they can not give me the results physically in a sealed envelope at all because they were required by the embassy to send them digitally... this is a really frustrating situation... feels like i am just going in circles
  6. thanks for the advice, i am planning to try to pick up and hand deliver the results myself as soon as possible.
  7. thanks! they actually did give us the results, but they took the liberty of opening it up before handing it to me, thus invalidating it for use in our interview
  8. actually we are immigrating from russia, we only got married in copenhagen. here's hoping we all get through this crazy process as soon as possible.
  9. i didn't even think to request that. they didn't really give me the option, they just said they would send the medical results digitally and i had no reason to doubt them... bummer. i hope this gets cleared up soon.
  10. cr-1 visa moscow embassy my wife just had her interview today, everything went fine but they said that they hadn't received her medical examination results from the clinic yet. very strange, because she had her medical examination 34 days ago and the clinic employees promised to send the results to the embassy digitally as soon as possible. i called the clinic after the interview and they confirmed that they sent the results to the embassy 33 days ago. i called the embassy and they said they would open a case looking into the claim that the clinic sent the results to them on october 25th. they said they would get back to us in 1-2 business days, maybe more. i called the clinic again and asked that they send the results to the embassy again today just to try and fix this situation quickly and they agreed to do so. i'm not sure what else to do to remedy this situation, it seems like we did everything right and this is just bad luck and a failure of communication between the clinic and the embassy. has anyone been in a similar situation? i guess i could use some advice. thank you!
  11. i spoke to someone at the clinic, they checked the records and found that they sent the results to the embassy on october 25th. they told me to call the embassy and relay this information. they also said that i should call them back if i have problems with the embassy. so now i have called the embassy and spoken to them about this issue as well. they have created a case to address the issue and they told me that it can take 1-2 business days, or possibly more depending on the case, for them to respond to the case. they said that i can expect them to respond to me directly by email. so now we wait...
  12. i remember the clinic employees mentioning that they had emailed or would soon email the results to the embassy when we took care of this last month. i am trying to call the clinic but haven’t gotten through to a human as of yet. i’ll keep trying...
  13. we just had our interview this morning. they asked my wife where she works, how we met, and why we got married in copenhagen. they asked me where i live, how i met my wife, if i work, when we will travel to america, and where we will live in america when we get there. we offered to show additional evidence that we had compiled but they only asked to see some pictures of us together. they kept her passport and said that everything looks good with our case but that they still haven’t received her medical report yet from the clinic so they can’t fully approve it yet. she had her medical exam over a month ago and we were told that the results would be emailed to the embassy on our behalf. i don’t understand how it can take over a month to email a document... i’m wondering if i should call the clinic and ask them about it...
  14. i’m wondering if this is 364 days starting on the date of the immigration interview or starting from the date of the beneficiary’s entry date to the usa. and how can we know the date of entry on the day of the interview if we are advised not to buy plane tickets until we have the visa in hand?
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