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  1. Timpsons did mine. Usually outside or inside supermarkets
  2. I've been having the same with it not being recognised when trying to create a My social account on ssa. I received my card this week after arriving on the 5th Sept. Will try the above tips. Thanks all.
  3. Congrats. When I went for my interview it was a couple months after our 2 year and they made the adjustments at the embassy during the interview. All the best.
  4. Thank you. I did mention that to the SSA locally and we completed an SS5 to issue a new one which they said they'd do when they check their systems again and DHS. Called them today and they said they will get it issued and to call them in 3 days and it should be being processed. That's the best they could do, but I think if I could go back I wouldn't have checked the box on the ds260 and just waited to get here and do it via the local office. Have orientation for the job tomorrow so will see how that goes.
  5. I have been in the US for 3 weeks now. Not that long I know but I have had multiple job interviews and they all want ssn. I called the ssa and they didn't see any info on me. I went to the local office for a meeting and they are looking into raising a new request as long as there isn't a number assigned to me. Frustrating as I've not been able to proceed with employment or bank accounts etc. Currently have no way to prove my address as everything to get proof will require ssn etc.
  6. When I went for my medical, they carried out a blood test to check for antibodies for MMR as they couldn't see the full course on my vaccination record. So maybe if there are any issues they will do this for yall too. Could always give visa medicals a call, they are super friendly and helpful. Good luck
  7. Wondering how long it took for people to receive their social security card when they did get to the states (if you opted for it on the ds260)
  8. I would say so. I had sat down getting ready for a long wait and it was just a few minutes. I'd purposely booked a connecting flight for later to give me 5 hours between landing at Atlanta and leaving for bama but needn't have bothered lol was nice and easy and very friendly. Best of luck!
  9. Thought I would update here as well as the review section. I arrived in the US on september 5th, so I've been here a couple of weeks. Leaving Heathrow there was a slight issue as there was a block on my passport being a UK one, so luckily the Delta guy checking me in handled it well and called a number and discussed my visa etc and it was cleared. I landed in Atlanta for my onward flight to Alabama (my final stop) and it was so relaxed and quiet. There was hardly anyone there. My wife (who travelled with me as she was already in the UK on a spousal visa anyway) and I were directed to foreign entry. We went through and the guy asked a couple questions which are typical such as where were we staying and was I happy for the address on the visa to be where my green card would be sent. I chose to update the address as we had leased our own place and wouldnt be with her sister now. He mentioned he was a Alabama guy and wished us well and directed us to a waiting area. After about 5 minutes my name was called and I went to the counter and the guys first words were "what happened to the pink hair?" ( as for one of my pictures during visa process my hair was pink). Then he gave me a piece of paper with key details of administrations and confirmed the address and told me to give it a few days for any updates on social security as it was labour day weekend and said "welcome home". And that was it!! Since then I have had 4 job interviews and am just waiting on my social security card to arrive so I can complete a couple of background checks.
  10. Thank you. I hope it all comes through in time!! We are flying on the 5th. I know we arent supposed to but we had our house sorted, dogs flights sorted, our flights booked, job notice handed in etc with the hope wed get things through in time. Which luckily they did. So 2 weeks tomorrow we fly into atlanta then onwards to bama. Have a 5 hour layover so hoping that's plenty of time for the poa check.
  11. Just to tag on the back of this one, where is the 220 paid for the uscis fee? The piece of paper which came with the documents says uscis.gov/file-online but I cant see anything?
  12. They are super quick. Just received my package and passport back with the visa in it. appointment was monday 11:30 and have received all my docs and visa by friday 12:30!
  13. They asked for affidavit of support and tax transcript but didn't ask for recent payslips. I left a review you can see on my profile which goes into detail
  14. YAY!! Congrats. I had mine on Monday and it was much the same. Very quick. I even had an email yesterday saying that my passport etc will be delivered back today!!
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