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  1. Thanks, sorry that my post was confusing. I'm the petitioner and he has the I-134 and tax docs from me. My fiance is the beneficiary. I was saying HE wants to take HIS tax return info & payment receipt to prove he didn't neglect his tax obligations last year. ...I don't think the consulate cares or would ask for that... I haven't ever found that as an issue on visa journey.
  2. Congratulations! I'm surprised to hear that about the I-134. (Meanwhile I'm sitting here wondering if my fiance would be asked for his 2018 tax return info at the interview to prove he's law-abiding & filed/paid taxes while here on J-1 visa last year. Sounds irrelevant when I say it out loud.)
  3. I was wondering the same thing. This thread has gotten quiet lately. Lol. You can search the timelines and see approvals. Our interview is next Wednesday. Hopefully all goes well!
  4. Wow! I wonder what their outcome was. ...It seems like most of the horror stories that I see on here are from people that discover this site AFTER they go to the interview underprepared. I’m still surprised that so many go to the interview without tax documents or even an affidavit of support and wonder why they get the 221G!
  5. Thanks! And congrats on the approval! Our interview is next week ...we never got a a real “Packet 3”. When I called the consulate a while ago asking about it they just sent us a duplicate email of the interview appointment confirmation. Lol. We were already confident we had everything we needed without their email. Thank goodness for visa journey!
  6. I know it's hard to be patient. Remember that there was just a mid-week holiday that likely affected processing times.
  7. Thanks for posting the link! I just want to know if they ask for a print-out of any evidence that the consulate contacted you personally. Does the Packet 3 email need to be carried to the medical or the interview?
  8. Hi! I downloaded these instructions from the consulate's website. The medical is automatically scheduled. Based on the instructions I don't expect any confirmation from the medical exam. You just need to bring what's asked in the instructions. i'll post a real link directly from the consulate website later when I have time to look for it again. Medical_Instructions_Eng_Jan-2019.pdf
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a general inquiry: Is the Packet 3 Email reliable/required to proceed with the Medical Exam and Interview for the Naples, Italy Consulate interview for K-1 Visas? We received the email from the NVC stating that our case number and file was headed to Naples. Our CEAC Case Status changed to "Ready" on the website on July 2nd. I heard that the Packet 3 email normally follows the status update on the same day. I've also heard that Naples doesn't always send it, but when they do, sometimes it's weeks later. I already have Packet 3/Medical instructions from another forum. We've completed the DS-160, paid the fee, and scheduled the interview for 3 weeks from today. I just want to know if I should reach out to the embassy to get the email. Do we actually need a print-out of the consulate's email to carry to the medical and/or consulate inteview? Thanks!
  10. I think it makes the most sense to just bring the additional information with you to the interview on a separate sheet of paper. IF they ask about it, give it to them, inform them that THEIR system wouldn't allow you to input the info. If not, let it go. (Worse case scenario is probably getting a DS-5535 -but I wouldn't even think about that right now). The DS-160 is archaic and NOT user-friendly, the DOS knows it too. If it meticulously determined the outcome of a visa approval we would hear about it A LOT more. ...For instance: I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe that everyone is answering the question correctly about the fiance being classified as an "immediate relative" in the U.S. There's no way that all the K visa applicants with approvals are catching that question and answering it correctly. ...Never intentionally be negligent, but don't stress the DS-160. We aren't the only ones that have seen glitches or inconsistencies on it. Just make sure you have the confirmation page and a clear barcode :).
  11. You should update your timeline, if there was no expedite request, these days that is VERY fast for a K-1 Visa Petition NOA2. Congrats.
  12. I think that the online DS-160 "customizes" itself to adapt based on the answers to its questions. Wild guess: IF my fiance visited a Travel Ban Country in his selections of areas visited, I BET the form would have prompted him to return and fill in those "5 year" questions. For everyone else, the fields remain grayed out and inaccessible.
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