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  1. Thanks for simplifying it! I was overthinking it. Feeling a little bombarded because in general, we don’t have as much “supporting evidence” to take to the interview as we intended. I thought there would be more time...
  2. Hello Everyone, I’ll try to be ”brief”. ...I ( USC) am wondering how to handle changing the Affidavit of Support for our upcoming I-485 interview. We got married in November, 2019. And filed I-485+I-864 the following week. I completed the Affidavit of Support with documentation from my job where I had been with for 2 years. ...I started another full-time job in September 2019 to help with wedding expenses, but I didn’t include that on the I-485 because I didn’t know if I would stay there. TWIST: In Mid-November, the week after filing I-485+I-864, I quit the job I’ve had for 2 years and am happily working full-time with my new employer that I started with in September 2019. ...How do I handle this with my local field office? ...I didn’t include that new source of income on the I-864 because I had just started and didn’t know that I would stay. There are no gaps in pay. ...The new job also pays less than the previous one, but still well above the poverty line. ...(It also doesn’t help that the last paystubs on my old job revealed a higher income than I reported on the I-485 because they promoted me shortly before I quit, I have 2 Employment Verification letters with the SAME date from the old job for both salaries, I filed the lesser one that I thought was “current”. ...I got married and filed Adjustment of Status during the middle of a promotion, with an employer that I resigned from right after the raise. Of course, unbeknownst to me, they made the effective date of the raise 2 weeks before I filed, but I didn’t have that paystub yet when I filed). In Summary: ...I didn’t think the interview would come so fast, it’s February 19th, 2020. ...Not sure how to explain all the recent changes in circumstances. No gaps in pay though, no gaps in my Heath insurance, my husband’s health insurance with the NEW job started coverage in December. ...The new job is in the same field as the old one, but a higher position in my field. New job currently pays $23K less than my previous “promoted” salary, but please no judgment, it was worth it to leave. Can’t put a price on my sanity.
  3. OMG! We have our interview date!!! ...So I randomly checked Informed Delivery and saw that there’s a letter from USCIS that was delivered YESTERDAY. While my husband was checking the mail I logged into the USCIS Website for the first time in like a month. There was a 1/9/2020 update that our Interview was scheduled and a letter is on the way. Husband returns from mailbox. ...Opened the letter to discover that our Interview is February 19th, 2020. I am floored!
  4. About Packet 3, I never did receive the Packet 3 email from the consulate. I got the Packet 3 from a link somewhere here on visa journey and all of its instructions were accurate. The important documentation needed is the confirmation of payment receipt from the visa payment website and the ds-160 confirmation page with the barcode.
  5. Hi, I think you should start a separate thread/new topic. The payment website asks specific questions to make sure you are paying for a non-immigrant K-1 visa even though it's initially handled like an immigrant visa by the consulate. Sorry, I'm not sure how you can un-do the payment and scheduled interview. Hope it turns out well!
  6. Awesome news! My fiance interviews tomorrow. Medical was today and it went well. We also frontloaded and he has a binder to carry with him. I'm sure we're overprepared -but we think we're ready for anything they could possibly ask for. Wishing speedy approvals and a smooth process for everyone!
  7. Thanks, sorry that my post was confusing. I'm the petitioner and he has the I-134 and tax docs from me. My fiance is the beneficiary. I was saying HE wants to take HIS tax return info & payment receipt to prove he didn't neglect his tax obligations last year. ...I don't think the consulate cares or would ask for that... I haven't ever found that as an issue on visa journey.
  8. Congratulations! I'm surprised to hear that about the I-134. (Meanwhile I'm sitting here wondering if my fiance would be asked for his 2018 tax return info at the interview to prove he's law-abiding & filed/paid taxes while here on J-1 visa last year. Sounds irrelevant when I say it out loud.)
  9. I was wondering the same thing. This thread has gotten quiet lately. Lol. You can search the timelines and see approvals. Our interview is next Wednesday. Hopefully all goes well!
  10. Wow! I wonder what their outcome was. ...It seems like most of the horror stories that I see on here are from people that discover this site AFTER they go to the interview underprepared. I’m still surprised that so many go to the interview without tax documents or even an affidavit of support and wonder why they get the 221G!
  11. Thanks! And congrats on the approval! Our interview is next week ...we never got a a real “Packet 3”. When I called the consulate a while ago asking about it they just sent us a duplicate email of the interview appointment confirmation. Lol. We were already confident we had everything we needed without their email. Thank goodness for visa journey!
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