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  1. As others have said, you must now wait for the calendar to open up. I recommend just checking every day to see if the calendar gets updated for you.
  2. Yes, you should put your beneficiary’s information down and then use your name (petitioner’s) for the card holder.
  3. I thought you were the beneficiary? 🤔 So if you're the beneficiary - all of the information in your Embassy profile should be yours (beneficiary's). The petitioner doesn't have an Embassy profile. I hope this helps.
  4. Because the beneficiary in this case is the 'applicant' - the person that is having the interview at the Embassy. And remember to write the birthdate: dd/mm/yyyy I used my VISA credit card but from a different bank - but I received a confirmation email from Russian Standard Bank (which is what the Embassy uses for their bank).
  5. I am the petitioner and I paid for my beneficiary's Embassy fees with my credit card. I put the beneficiary's birthdate. It was confusing for me at first too.
  6. Ah, ok, I haven’t seen this yet and it’s really good to know the ‘pre-appointment’ process because I didn’t know about it. I’m actually the petitioner and living with my beneficiary fiance in Moscow - and we’re both just trying to figure everything out a little each day even though our documents are still at the NVC.
  7. I think the beneficiary needs to bring all the scanned and/or original documents with them on the interview date (like the original i-129 form, i-134 (affidavit of support), birth certificate or divorce certificate, more evidence of your ongoing relationship, DS-160 confirmation page, police report(s), etc. But, I never heard that the Embassy wants everything before hand. Each Embassy is different though and I don’t know specifically what the one in Moscow requires. I think each Embassy at least needs your Medical report and interview fee? But maybe they’ll need more??
  8. Well, I heard that some people never even get the Packet 3. But, if you know your NVC packet has arrived at the Embassy already, I would say you can go ahead and submit the DS-160, pay the interview fee and then even try to book the actual interview (and do the medical a few days or couple of week in advance). I don't think it's necessary to wait for Packet 3 to start doing all of this stuff... you can get a head start.
  9. We got our DS-160 and Interview fees submitted just the other day even thought the Embassy in Moscow hasn't received our documents; it's still at the NVC office but should be leaving any day now. We thought we could speed up the registration for the interview, but it looks like we must wait until the Embassy in Moscow receives our NVC packet.
  10. We paid the fee already. I think our problem is that our packet hasn't arrived at the Consulate in Moscow - therefore we're getting a message that they'll email us.
  11. Hello, I'm a little confused about how you sign up for the interview dates at the American Consulate in Moscow. Can you see the dates that are open? Because just recently, 2 days ago, we signed up for an interview on the U.S. Visa Moscow website and we got a message to wait for an email to be sent regarding the appointment date and time. I thought we could see a calendar and see what dates are open and closed. Can you please let me know how the interview system works?
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