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  1. I feel so lucky I got my green card only a day before everything close down. And I have you guys every day in my mind. I am a lot more calm since I have the residency, I can imagine for all the stress you are going through. Hopefully all of this s*%t will end soon 🙏🏽
  2. It seems it goes with no specific order as all the K1 and AOS process 😂 For some it takes 3 months and for others takes more than a year. The same story all over again, your case depends on which desk is sitting on basically
  3. In NYC the situation with jobs is really bad. Lots of forlough and unemployment. The type of job I was applying on February where 100 people were applying, now 500 are applying. I don’t lose my hope but is going to be a difficult search. I have asma I’m being careful and not searching for anything that would get me outside of the apartment right now. My husband keeps telling me to be patient and everything will come at the right time. I keep working on my portfolio and I created a website for myself. So hopefully that will help when the time comes.
  4. You can do the ID renewal online. I lost mine and I was able to get one through the DMV website. I hear you. I’m still searching. I’ve been volunteering And doing some freelance for some people in Argentina but that’s it. Is a pain but I keep searching every week. My friend was ready to schedule interview and from there it went to card being produce. She never had an interview date.
  5. Another argentinian approved without interview! I just read it in the July filers thread
  6. It seems you got approved without an interview! Congratulations!
  7. A colombian girl that is my running club just told me that got her GC approved without interview here in NYC
  8. Congrats @Fla&Mark is a nice feeling even though the world is crazy. I hope it arrives soon!
  9. @Fla&Mark @KBCN My AP never got updated. Is still at Case received. Even though I got the combo card on February 15th. Crazy 😜
  10. Good for you! And good luck to her! I kind of stop looking and there’s not much job applications right now considering the situation. I don’t feel is mandatory like it is in Arg. I haven’t left the house in a week, but I still see people and kids hanging out in the street.
  11. Thank you!! Hang on in there! It took me 3 months to get an update but then everything went by smoothly. We are living hard times but we will get over it!
  12. Green card on hand guys! It took 5 business days since the ‘New Card Being Produced’ update
  13. Green card on hand! I took 7days/5 business days to arrive. Glad this is finally over 😃🙌🏼
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