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  1. Thanks! Yes hopefully. Thanks! Yea it does it normally takes a month to schedule.
  2. So I just checked email and I recieved the interview date on the last week of June. 🙃 Mumbai embassy CC- April 19
  3. For the people who got their interview letter email of Mumbai embassy had PD date of May. Only one I saw was of July. How long will it be till they assign for September.
  4. My case was documentarily qualified on April 19 and I received an email but two docs were not showing accepted. So I checked on CEAC lately and two of those docs are also showing accepted now.☺️ It's a bit weird system at NVC but eventually everything pulls back together.
  5. Yes hopefully. My spouse will take them ro interview. Thanks.
  6. Thanks! Submitted most on April 4th and remaning ones on 7th.
  7. I received documentarily qualified email today. It says my case is being documentarily qualified. ☺ I just logged in check on ceac that all of our documents are accepted except two of co sponsor which still shows submitted but not yet approved. Can this be a problem? How did they completed case without approving all of them?
  8. There is an option of adding a joint sponsor right above your name. Once on CEAC, you will see it.
  9. Even if the co sponsor is in US and employmemt letter is submitted (as additional doc), do we still need to submit proof of domicile?
  10. I have just started uploading docs. I have a joint sponsor and there is a proof needed for domicile. Do I need to submit this even if the person is living in the US? I already submitted his legal status proof under LPR. What do I do under domicile?
  11. Does someone know how to add joint sponsor on CEAC? Or do I just add all docs of joint sponsor as additinak documents under the petitioner?
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