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  1. You will get interview letter around May 24th and Interview date will be around June 24th. You may get it a month early if you are lucky.
  2. I am finding a very disturbing trend. Mumbai consulate is only sending/scheduling the interview letter after 120 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays) of i-130 approval(NOA2). It has nothing to do with when you are documently qualified/case complete at NVC. Can anyone who got IL confirm?
  3. I got the i-130 NOA2 letter on mail yesterday. The case status online still shows "Case was received". I have filled out form for email and text alerts but so far no alerts. So keep checking your snail mail.
  4. There is no approvals from Potomac SC for last 2 weeks. It's been exactly 100 days since the NOA1 date. Not sure what's going on. Any april Potomac filers got NOA2?
  5. thanks @Nyro33. I am hoping to get some respone within 2 weeks. Good luck everybody.
  6. Also wondering if anyone is planning on submitting i-129F on top of 1-130. I feel like it is good to wait rather than futher complicate the processs. Any opinon?
  7. What is this e-file thing? Never heard of it. Is it something new? I am on the same boat. It is 91 days and still counting. I am doing everything that I could to speed up the process. I even contacted the representative and I don’t think it will help much unless there is a real emergency.
  8. I am an April 2019 IR-1 filer. I see plenty of February NOA2 in last month but not many March NOA2s. I would greatly appreciate if any March 2019 got NOA2 approved and updated their timeline. 🙂
  9. Hello Ranylou,

    In your timeline it says you got the NOA2 already. I am also a fellow Potomac Service Center filer. What did you do to speed up the approval process? This wait time is really frustrating. If you could share your information that will be helpful for fellow filers. 

    Thank you very much!

    1. Ranylou


      hi just read your message..Yes i already received our noa2 from potomac but honestly we really didnt do anything.we had only i think 3x of calling the uscis asking the progress just that.77 days of waiting and really there is also another cases who was approved only 3months

    2. SamKC


      Thank you @Ranylou. Grealy appreciate sharing your experience. I will call USCIS like you have suggested. This wait time is really frustrating even if we got assigned to Potomac service center.  Wising you all the very best for your visa process. 🙂

    3. Ranylou


      @SamKC yes better to call them with regards to your paper.best regards to ur application too hoping that it will be approve very soon.godbless

  10. That is unusual. I got NOA1 in a week. You may want to call USCIS to see what's going on.
  11. My i-130 form was received by USCIS on April 08th, 2019 and it went to Potomac Service Center (YSC) Got the NOA1 on 04/12/2019. Waiting for NOA2. My wife lives in India. Any updates from fellow April 2019 files are useful to track my case.
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