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  1. Hi VJ, I've recently (as in today) moved home into a new apartment - I have gone through the USCIS change of address web form and it won't let complete the change of address as it says that USPS found multiple entries for my address and won't let me changes anything. Anyone else have this problem? I think I'm left with two options: 1) File the AR-11 form via post (does anyone foresee any difficulties with this? It doesn't ask for any info for the cases I have pending like it does on the online form) 2) File online and use my work address as my mailing address? Will this be a problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah, it's valid until June next year - so I'll only need passport and EAD/AP combo card? Will they still need to question me? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a similar question to this regarding what documents i need to reenter the US at JFK when I return from Europe next week. (Haven't left the US yet). I have my combo card, passport and travel documents, do I need to bring the paper I-751 that says AP was approved? or is the Combo card enough?
  4. I'm not suggesting that everyone who filed in January should already have their card - I'm just questioning the October date - I'm sure it is actually much later than that
  5. I think someone on another topic had a similar call and got told the same dates, but I got my combo card last week and I filed at the end of January, and there are a lot of others on VJ that have gotten theres that filed after October - I'm sure that the USCIS phone line has out of date info.
  6. I got my Combo card on Thursday - and I filed right at the end of January. Hopefully that means that everyone will be getting there's soon! Good Luck everyone, the end is near..(totally not meant in a dark depressing way, lol)
  7. Combo card arrived on Thursday 13th at around 7:30pm. So happy to be finally done waiting for it!
  8. I just got the same message. Mine says delivery on 15th though. I guess you win this round!
  9. I got a notification yesterday afternoon that the card had been mailed to me - hopefully the USPS are quick about it!
  10. Thanks, I just checked and I can see that my AP got approved too...... No updates on the card being dispatched... but I guess it was approved on Friday and it's only Tuesday. I've waited this long I can wait a few more days! Hope everyone else gets their's soon!
  11. Calling anyone who already received their EAD - did you get AP too? Whats the chances that you would receive EAD without AP? I haven't had an update to my AP application at all throughout the process, but my EAD application says it is being produced. (on a side note: this will also settle a bet between me and my wife, as she thinks that AP is only for emergency travel and I won't get it even though I applied - and I am inclined to believe what I have read on VJ that K1 AOS applicants get AP along with their EAD approval if they applied at the same time)
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