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  1. Good day everybody! I had my cr1 interview this morning in Vilnius, Lithuania.CO was very friendly with big smile, we had nice talk like friends and finally I heard magic words - your visa has been granted. WHOAH. Even though my country is small and embassy is fairly busy, but maybe my experience will help others. They asked all original civil documents, no transcripts or w2. Questions were: how did I meet my husband; when we started dating; what do I like about him the most; why we did small wedding instead of big party; what does my husband do for work; where does he live; his parents; when was the first time he flew to Lithuania; what’s my dog’s name We were talking while he was looking at pictures I printed and brought, there were a lot of photos of us and the dog, haha! Very happy, very excited!
  2. Well clearly NVC is still scheduling interviews, cause we just received ours! CC 04/22 Interview 06/04 CR1 Vilnius, Lithuania Super excited!!!
  3. Ours still hasn’t changed since January, lol. Still showing application received. We have CC and waiting for interview date now. We received i-130 approval by mail.
  4. NVC also asked me PCC from another foreign country I studied for 3 months. It was generated automatic by the system. We called nvc and rep said that we are good to go without it, we just need to write explanation letter with my wet signature. I only submitted PCC from my home country. We've received CC recently.
  5. Hey guys! We just received documentarily qualified email from NVC. Submitted on 04/09 CC 04/22 cheers!
  6. You should definitely email your senator or representative and ask for help.
  7. Naah, guys, you are not the only ones.. I’m also lurking, haha! Waiting for cc, submitted on 9th april:)
  8. Yep, we have the same situation too! Just waiting for the tax transcript to be mailed. Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi guys, I have a situation here - after i filed ds260 form its automatically asking police certificate from Finland. I am living in Lithuania and studied in Finland with exchange program for 3 months in 2017. It got me by surprise, because I didn't stayed there longer than 6months and thought it won't be needed. Do you guys have any suggestions what should I do? Try to get pcc from Finland or just write explanation letter to nvc about it? Thanks!
  10. Both me and my husband received emails at the same time😇 No worries, next week you will receive yours!
  11. Good day everybody! We got our case numbers few hours ago and just paid all the fees! Yay! NVC received our case on Feb 6th 😎
  12. Yep, I guess at this point you just need to wait. Did you provide them 2017 tax transcripts or just uploaded 2018 w2 and form 1040?
  13. Even if you had filed your taxes earlier, you wouldn’t be able to get it online! My husband did his taxes in early Feb and can’t get it. Just like I asked before and some answered - you can get transcript online only after April 15th or maybe request to recieve it by mail 🤦‍♀️
  14. Congratulations to all who received their case numbers! I have a question - those who already filed taxes for 2018, how did you managed to get tax return transcript? We can’t get it online, it says it will be available on april 15th.. I wonder if there’s any other way to get it before that. Thanks!
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