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  1. My fiance interviewed at London. Its an easy embassy. The only items they took were his police check, tax returns, paystubs, passport photos, and the I 134. The DS 160 they had but we also brought a copy. In fact we brought alot of what you are taking. We were never even asked about our relationship or asked to show proof. We had binders full of proof just in case but it wasnt needed. Better to have it and not need it then to need it and have to look for it. I think you have plenty and should be fine. Good luck!
  2. No problem for the UK citizen. You would need to check with the UK for the process on moving your non UK citizen husband to the UK...especially with Brexit going on. He has to have some type of Visa just as you did to come here. If you choose to come back to the states then you would have to apply for the spousal visa.
  3. I do the same. Front loading is basically putting more documents and proof supporting your petition than is called for when you send it off. Side loading is bringing all supporting documents with you in case you need them. I just call it being over prepared but for us we believe in doing that.
  4. I went to a lawyer with a copy of my deed. I also wanted to change my name to my married name as well as add Aaron to the deed. The lawyer simply wrote out a new deed (I had to sign it) and then the lawyer filed it in the county clerks office. It was simple. Only cost $100.
  5. Just a thought for you when you get to the interview stage. I put my husband on the deed to the house rather than the mortgage. Its easy enough to do and good proof for when the time comes.
  6. Congratulations!! Yes celebrating is definitely the thing to do. We cried we were so happy! They give the time frame as 10 days. We had ours in about half that. Id wait and book the flight until you have the visa is in hand just to be safe that it doesn’t get delayed by mail or anything. 😁
  7. Our non immigrant said AP then one day it said issued. As @Wuopozo said it bounces back and forth. Ours may have gone to ready and we just didnt look that day .
  8. We were London. We had to submit an extra document after the interview and still had the VISA in about 3 weeks. You should know soon since you were approved at interview as we were not. Ours simply said AP until it went to issued. Congrats on the acceptance!
  9. HI, I was a July filer but basically we filed on July 22 and received our NOA on August 1 with our scheduled biometrics appt on August 19. So basically we were given about 2 weeks notice of the appointment. Biometrics seems to be scheduled relatively fast. After biometrics we just received notice last week that our case is now going to the field office. That wait for interview is about 10-18 months for us in Norfolk, Virginia.
  10. The NOA 2 is letting you know that your case is being sent to the embassy. That hopefully won’t take 10 months. For that was about 4 months for us. But after the embassy has your case you will still have to schedule the medical exam and the interview date. That takes a bit longer. Sadly immigration does not move quickly! Hang in there!
  11. 1 you are a ways away from an interview. Ours was about 300 days after receiving the NOA 1. Depends on what embassy your interview will be at. Please fill in your timeline to receive the best information. You could start a folder anytime and collect your documents for the interview. 2. You will need the I 134 for the interview 3. You will hear nothing until you are mailed the NOA 2 (and your status will reflect that) unless you receive notice for more information to be sent. Don’t check everyday it will make you crazy! Also please read the information found in the guides posted. It’s very helpful. Best of luck to you.
  12. As others said this is just wrong. Neither are needed to add a spouse to insurance. Insurance companies have work around numbers they can use. When the spouse gets a SSN then it can be added and the work around number be removed.
  13. My husband interviewed in London. We had to submit a document and he was issued the Visa about a month after we submitted it. Everyone's experience will be different. Hopefully you wont have to wait too long!
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