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  1. Hi! Yes I did. I went to the medical institute again early in the morning and they finished my medical. The people there were so nice and I’m so lucky! I bet this never happened there haha. By 8.30 am I was at the interview waiting for my turn and the interview only lasted 5 minutes. I did not have to show proof but others did. I was out by 10.30 am and I received my passport with the visa on it.
  2. Hi! I am currently preparing for the interview in a few hours. My only issue is that I received an e-mail from the medical institute yesterday to cal them urgently but I did not receive this until today. I do remember that they told me I can leave after the X-ray. They did not weigh me or check my eyesight, etc. All they said is that they will take the documents yesterday night to the US Embassy in naples. Is there anyone who had a similar situation? I am on my way to the medical institute. I hope I make it in time to the interview.
  3. Hii! Thank you so so much for sharing your experience. It’s been helpful! I just have a question that you might not know but maybe someone else shared with you a similar to mine. My IR-1 spouse visa is scheduled next month and I also had to register my interview in naples online. My main concern is that I am not Italian and I live in Malta (our embassy does not do these type of visas). Like you said, you have to choose one of the courier options to get your passport back. Unfortunately I have to travel back to Malta the next day after the interview and my husband bought me the ticket a week after the interview to enter the states. I don’t know what to do because I do need my passport to travel! Do you know anyone who had their interview in Naples and was able to retrieve their passport back by collecting it in person that same day or the day after? Thanks so much
  4. If you are applying for the IR-1/CR (spouse) and your spouse is a US citizen, and you prove that your relation is real, then you have nothing to worry about. You have every right to apply and get the visa without any issues
  5. No they do not stop any processes. The US Immigration services are funded directly by users and not in the Congress (US tax payers).
  6. Hi! My interview is scheduled for February 2019 but I have this issue regarding the return of my passport, which I can't seem to resolve. I even called the embassy and they were no help! I have received an e-mail which requires me to register the interview appointment and to choose a courier service for the return of my passport, and I chose Naples. However, my concern is that I do not live in Italy (I currently reside in Malta) and I am afraid that I will have to travel back to Malta on the next day after the interview. Is there any other way that I can pick up my passport other than being delivered at the courier service in case it takes longer than one day to arrive at the DHL Express Naples location? I also asked them if I could pay an extra fee so they can send it to me to my residence in Malta, however, they said that they are unable to do so since they offer that service only to location in Italy. Did anyone get their passports back on the same day of the interview? Thanks!