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  1. My fiance called earlier this morning and had issues saying it was busy. I'm calling now from within the US and am currently on hold (about 8 min now). Seems maybe calling from outside the US causes issues?
  2. @Greenbaum Thanks, that makes it pretty easy then. Any other tips/tricks for I-134? It seems pretty straightforward, will be gathering all the tax/banking documents this week.
  3. Ok cool. Mods if this should be its own post or moved to another place, please let me know. Form I-134, there are 2 sections I'm not quite sure how I (as US citizen sponsor) need to fill out. . First is Part 3, "Dependents Information". The way I interpret this is, if I currently had children, parents, or others that I supported financially, and/or claimed as dependents on my taxes, I would need to list them here. Currently, that is not applicable to me, I only claim myself on my taxes, so I assume I should leave this part blank. Where I just want to clarify is I am assuming my fiance does not count towards this section, and it is only for people who currently reside in the US that might be dependent on me, and would not include my future wife in that. Second is later in that section, Item 38 where you have to check a box whether you intend or do not intend to make specific contributions to the support of the person named in Part 2 (which is my fiance beneficiary). I'm assuming I check "intend" here, but then you have to give additional information on specific amounts and for how long it will be....in the context of a marriage this is a bit weird since there isn't really a set amount and the timeline is essentially forever? Not exactly sure what they're looking for here.
  4. Where is best place to ask questions about the I-134? Not sure this is the right thread, or even subforum...let me know. Reading over the form it is not specific to the K1 so some of the questions are a big ambigous and I don't think apply, but would like some clarification...but want to post in the right place.
  5. Went to that form....it only lets you put one e-mail, so do I need to submit it twice, changing the "Who Are You" each time, one for Petitioner and once for Applicant? (Making sure to check the Please Update my NVC file with this e-mail" box) What do put in the "Type your Question" section?
  6. Just got the Case Tracker notification on my phone!!! APPROVED!!! Finally! Old website/app is updated, didn't check the new site yet.
  7. Was able to get a form to fill out from my congressman's staff (after a bit of ineptness on their part, which has me a bit worried), will be sending that back in about a week just as we go outside normal processing time, and following that up with my own inquiry via USCIS site. Slowly transforming from Bruce Banner into The Hulk...
  8. Called my congressman's office, receptionist was super nice and said I came to the right place. I joked to her that calling USCIS leaves a lot to be desired and she laughed and agreed. Left a VM with the person who handles visa issues, was told he'd be back 8AM tomorrow. Still a bit away from being outside processing time but figured I'd get the ball rolling now
  9. Processing times just improved from 6 to 8 to 5.5 to 7.5! Now Sep 1 receipt date to inquire! I can submit one in 13 days now instead of a month! Hoping it stays like that...
  10. Today I join the club! For those sitting at 300+, really sorry to hear that. Have you tried the various avenues (congressperson, submitting an inquiry, etc....). Are you met with the same standard BS/script response? Any answers as to why it's taking you so long?
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