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  1. Yeah it was just a Tier 1 rep they probably have a standard script and always default back to the "official" times off the website, I get it. Mostly just wanted to see if they saw something had been sent out or not. Will keep waiting and try again in a couple weeks
  2. Pretty standard response...they said there has been nothing sent out (approval, RFE, denial). Then started quoting the processing times off the website saying they are currently processing early July and it's still way too early for me. When I told him quite a few Aug and Sep filers have had approvals already, he acted super surprised.
  3. Called USCIS again last night, still no action 😡
  4. Congrats! We're also Philippines, hoping for something soon
  5. Congrats? How did you find out? Old site/new site/mail?
  6. USPS informed delivery. https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action
  7. Congrats! Hope the Philippines ones keep rolling in, we are 2 days after you
  8. Hello and hope you get approved soon!
  9. I feel you. It's tough when it's sooooo close but not quite there yet, and there are people with much later NOA1 than you getting approved. Just have to try to be patient, but I have my good and bad days...
  10. JJA1979

    help please

    I don't believe BC is required for the I-129F, there are a few options you have. I only included a scan of the main bio page since I had just gotten a new passport and all the pages were blank. Hopefully doesn't cause an issue. EDIT: Just looked at the cover letter I sent, looks like I included both my passport bio page AND a copy of my BC just to be safe From the instructions: 3. Evidence of U.S. citizenship which may include any of the following: A. A copy of your birth certificate issued by a U.S. civil authority; B. A copy of your original Certificate of Naturalization; C. A copy of your original Certificate of Citizenship; D. A copy of your Form FS-240, Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States; E. A copy of your valid, unexpired U.S. passport or passport card issued with a validity period of at least five years; or F. A statement executed by a U.S. consular officer certifying that you are a U.S. citizen and the bearer of a currently valid U.S. passport.
  11. They make talking to someone difficult. I basically had to select the option that I didn't know the receipt # (even though I have it) then select another option about not having it, then another....then finally it will connect you to someone.
  12. Congrats! Hope some more Sept Philippines approvals start coming in!
  13. Congrats! Did you find out via mail, new site, old site? Seems a lot of the Philippines applications go slower, hoping the Sept ones start getting approved soon, lots of Sept approvals on here but none from Phils yet that I saw
  14. Gave USCIS a call today, was told it was still under review, then got the standard lines about within normal processing times, etc.... Still have hope it will be this week sometime!