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  1. Into the embassy, yes. Into the interview, no. You'll have to store it somewhere, they are allowed into the embassy but you are not allowed to keep your devices on you during the interview
  2. Some people have to wait a few months before an appointment at their embassy is available. You will just have to be patient and wait until there is an open time slot
  3. You cannot bring your phone or any electronic device into the interview. They may have somewhere to store it, but I don't think so. Someone who knows can add that information, however you can't bring your phone into the actual interview.
  4. LilyJohansen


    She can stay with you for as long as she is allowed to in Canada but she will need to prove domicile in the US later on in the process
  5. Make sure to include then pictures from visits (and the wedding), plane tickets, passport stamps, etc
  6. I believe all signatures have to be original, in ink.
  7. No, you do not need copies of the I-130
  8. Maiden name on marriage certificate is normal. My marriage certificate also has my maiden name on it, since usually people don't change their last name legally until after the wedding, which is the same case for you as well.
  9. No 325a, it's i-130a along with an i-130 for spouses now. Everything she needs to include is listed in the i-130/i-130a instructions packet on USCIS website
  10. He meant that it takes 3 months longer than a K1; Not that the whole process took 3 months
  11. You can get married in the US, as long as you return back to Russia afterwards before beginning the CR1 process. You can't get married and stay without a K1, but you are certainly allowed to get married in the US and return back to Russia and then file the CR1. It's what we, and many others, did, as long as you return to Russia after the marriage there is no problem
  12. LilyJohansen

    Need help!!! I-130

    They are very busy and want to get through as many cases as possible as they are already extremely backed up. I doubt that they are going to go through each and every message you have exchanged the past 2+ years that you have been together, they will only look at what you give them
  13. LilyJohansen

    I-130 spouse child illegitimate

    Our case was similar, not with a child but with my husband. We put his father's information anyways because it was known, even though he has never met him and even though I am unsure if his father is even on his birth certificate either, but I don't think he is. In my opinion, if you know, it's probably best to include it, even if it isn't on the birth certificate. If you put "unknown" when you do know, it's false information which is grounds for denial, and also just a total red flag, not a good idea. Also, putting "abandoned" shows them that you know but you are withholding information, that's another red flag. I understand she hates him but is it not better to put the information of a man she hates so that she can ensure the child can immigrate with her rather than risk her son not receiving a visa or having to start his process all over?
  14. LilyJohansen


    Thanks! So they both provide an I-184 or does he provide an I-184a?
  15. We are not at this stage yet but we are trying to plan everything ahead so that there are no delays when the time comes. I'm planning to have my mom as my joint sponsor since I don't quite make enough on my own. She makes enough on her own to be my joint sponsor (I'm assuming she would need to qualify for 125% for a household of 4; herself, her husband, my husband, and I, and she more than qualifies) and has already agreed, but does her husband (my stepfather) need to file an I-184a as well since they are married? Or does only she need to do it?