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  1. Thanks for sharing. let the chips fall where they may. not sure how thats an reliable answer. Hahah. Well we just keep on waiting.
  2. So I checked the US gov Website this morning. apparently you can now file online instead of sendin the high amount of paper work. Also my login is no long working. i hope this will speed up the process. #doubtit
  3. Does anyone knows where they are in Case Tracker, I don't own any android?
  4. I consider it based on how much proof some one is able to send in or maybe the country where the partner is coming from.
  5. It says the same for me but than December instead of Nov. I really hope this is accurate that would be awesome!
  6. I downloaded the app, super helpfull! only it shows a way faster approval than visa journey or the uscis website. Does anyone else have the same?
  7. Hey! I don't want to burst the bubble here, but the process time for Texas is also around 10 months. It could have been worse; Nebraska, my estimate is 12 months according to vj. If you upload your timeline here on vj, it will give you an estimate on when the I-130 will be approved. good luck!
  8. Hi all, I'd like to stay positive too, besides the outlier of June, there is also one approved from September and December last year. We all know they have backlog, but maybe they are working on both; the month that they at least should work on and the backlog. Tissa could be right, that they choosing the easy ones for now. But its all speculation in the end, I just really hope for everyone that there will be in change in the efficiency of the process soon.
  9. What if they just hire all of us to work in their offices, so we can go already and be with our loved ones and in that way help the next batch that is waiting for their NOA2.😋 quick question: Is the NVC part completely digital, or do we have to cut down another tree for all the paperwork? The dates here are pushed, but on the uscis site the process date is now the 2nd ofJuly last year, so it is actually moving.
  10. Hi all, We both live overseas, is there a way to file a complaint without contacting senators? I am so so frustrated, we are super ready to move and start our lives together in the USA. I am happy to have my husband here with me, but it also creates a way of living we call: in Limbo land. Let me know how we can help raising our voices toward these crazy process times!
  11. Your welcome! Quick question for you, are you moving back earlier than your wife so you can be her sponsor? or do you have some one in the US to be her sponsor? We are discussing this now at home, what is the best option etc... let me know!
  12. No it was not, we had to translate everything. Since I am native dutch and my English is good enough to translate it we did it ourselves. Just make sure you add a note to each translation document. It takes a lot of time, but to have it professionally translated is very expensive and unnecessary Note example: I [typed name], certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and ________ languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled ______________________________. Signature_________________________________ Date Typed Name hope this helps!
  13. We live together in the Netherlands and provided: - Marriage certificate - Joint apartment lease contract - Joint bank and savings account information - Joint Insurance information - Photo's
  14. For me its still a little unclear if everything after NOA2 needs to be uploaded digitally or if I have to cut down another tree and send it the paperwork through mail? 😄
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