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  1. Does anyone have experience in USCIS losing documents? I recently received an RFE on our I-485 application stating that I provided no evidence of my financial ability to be a sponsor. Interestingly, when we submitted the I-485 with the financial affidavit, we submitted my employment offer letter clearly stating my yearly salary, hours worked, scope of work, pay periods, stock options, etc.... plus 6 months of pay stubs, tax transcripts from years 2016, 2017, and 2018, and W-2s, all of which show a consistency of being almost 500% above the poverty line. I just find it interesting they said I provided no evidence to support my financial affidavit. The RFE requests basically every document we had already submitted to them, which leads me to believe they lost the documents. Has this happened to anyone else? I have since responded with all the same documentation, along with a scathing response letter.
  2. Arrested? Dude....what a nightmare. Makes you wonder what for right? Anyways, thank you for the contact. If I didn’t hear anything in the next week (which will have been 3 weeks), I’ll contact them!
  3. In Indonesia But we sent the paperwork from the States because of the unreliability of postal service in Indonesia.
  4. Yes, there are several. From Canada: http://www.thaiembassy.ca/en/visiting-thailand/police-clearance-certificates From US: https://photos.state.gov/libraries/thailand/591452/iv/082013_thaipolicecert.pdf Thai Police Clearance Service Center Website: http://www.pcscenter.sb.police.go.th/eng/ourservice.php
  5. No, it can be done via post according to their website and various State Department websites.
  6. Does anyone have experience dealing with getting a police clearance from Thailand? My fiancé has submitted paperwork to the Police Clearance Service Center and it was received on May 10th via fedex with prepaid label and envelope to return the documents via fedex. I was under the impression that these were processed in 5-7 days if there was no criminal record, which there is not. However, it’s been two weeks. I tried to call several times but nobody speaks English well enough to answer my questions, I have been hung up on no less than 12 times and they do not respond to emails. Any advice? Or even better, an Thai speakers that could help a brotha out? We are now at the NVC phase, so time seems a bit of the essence. Thanks!
  7. Thank you. But that leads me to another question....I don't remember ever providing an email address for my fiance on any of the forms.
  8. Hey All, My fiance and I recently got our NOA2 (May 14) and are awaiting the notice of receipt from the NVC. However, my fiance's address has changed in Indonesia from the address we used on the I-129f petition. Does NVC need to send anything to my fiance? Or, once the NVC sends the case to the Embassy in Indonesia, won't they mail notifications to my fiance? How and who should I contact to make sure they have the correct address to send the information to? Thanks in advance! Timeline: Petition Sent: February 1, 2019 NOA1: February 5, 2019 NOA2: May 14, 2019
  9. Eshoesco.....we were also NOA1 for February 5 and got NOA2 on May 15, some issue.....new website updated, but old one did not. No email. Congratulations!!!
  10. Congratulation!! I have been following y'all's timeline as you filed roughly the same time as I and my fiance. Hoping for news soon!
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