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  1. It took about 2 weeks for me to see an update. Waiting is the hardest part of the journey
  2. In my opinion it’s not too early to apply. My fiancé has her interview on our 1 year anniversary....I’m not sure what should be translated, or not. I didn’t have a problem because my fiancé also speaks English.
  3. I-129F has to be filled out. That can be found online at https://www.uscis.gov/forms?topic_id=All&search_q=I129F&sort_bef_combine=sticky+DESC&checkbox_link=1
  4. You have to fill out the petition because you are the US citizen...
  5. My fiancé scanned her intent to marry and it was accepted. The only original document that I sent in was my judgment of divorce papers. I would send in any copies of boarding passes as well. Some pictures of you together
  6. Thanks for the help, but yes, problem solved.👍
  7. Thank you. It was actually pretty simple. They gave her a code after selecting her flight, and then she could pay in cash at the 7/11 store
  8. My fiancé lives in the Philippines and I sent her money through western union to cover all of her K-1 visa expenses, including her plane ticket to Manila and back to Cebu. She doesn’t know how to purchase the tickets. I used Priceline when I have traveled there, but they don’t have don’t payment options for her. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thank you
  9. We Scheduled our interview for May 3rd, but only because it showed no available dates in April. They had dates in March, but we were looking for an interview in early April. This was for the US Embassy in Manila. I thought it was strange that no dates were available in April at all.
  10. My case was sent from USCIS on January 28, 2019. I emailed NVC on February 14th asking them if the received my case, and if I had been assigned a case number. They replied to me on February 16th, and had my case number. On March 4th my status was in transit. I March 5th they sent me an email saying my case was sent to US Embassy in Manila
  11. They gave me my assigned number on February 16th. It’s not in transit yet
  12. I emailed NVC on February 14 to see if I was assigned a case number yet. They emailed me my case number on February 16th. It’s been four weeks since I got my NOA 2, and was it was in transit to the US Embassy by now
  13. I got my notice on January 2, and had to respond by March 30...that’s almost 90 days. They will tell you