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    We met online in October 2004. I wasn't seeking company, she was. I originally thought that she was a male, because she seemed so smart – my first mistake in the line of many in this relationship :). We moved quickly to real time chatting and I made a visit to Kansas in order to meet her for the first time in March 2005. She made her first visit to Finland in May 2005. After the two visits we had some serious fights and we almost broke up during that summer. Somehow we stuck together and agreed to meet for two weeks in Kansas during October 2005. The visit was wonderful so we began a serious discussion about engagement. I returned to Kansas in December 2005 with an engagement ring and proposed. She said yes :).Rochelle travelled to Germany as an exchange student in early 2006. During that seven month period we more or less lived together, mostly in Finland but also in Germany. We tied the knot on June 6th 2006. We tried a DCF on August 2006 but the Helsinki consulate was on vacation, so we didn't get an appointment and my wife had to fly back to Kansas. As we were in no hurry with the visa, we didn't bother trying again for a while.My wife moved from Kansas to New Hampshire in October 2006 and I spent the Christmas 2006 there with her :). We agreed to do a DCF in early February 2007. Two weeks before our filing date the Adam Walsh Act became law, denying us a DCF option :(. Since my wife couldn't cancel her flying tickets she visited me in Finland for the last time. We sent in an I-130 during mid February. I have visited her once since then, during our visa process in June 2007 :).

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  1. It's been a long time since I were last on these fora, and while I can no-longer recognize any user names or people here, luckily I can still see that the place is full of knowledgeable helpful individuals :). I've lived in the US for more than 10 years now and my current green card is set to expire on 02/24/2020. When I moved to the US in 2007 my initial plan was never to become a citizen, but based on the news about people with green cards being deported for relatively minor offences (not taking a stance on whether or not this is a good thing) that they might themselves have even forgotten about, I feel like my hand has been forced. So with a heavy heart, here are my questions: 1) Filing online. I read that they only let a small number of people file online. Is this still the case, or can I just go ahead and do it? 2) How is the online payment processed? I understand the USCIS has its own payment system, but do they basically take a credit card or is it an electronic check or direct deposit of some sort? 3) I'm an atheist and I do know that I can omit the words "so help me god" in the pledge, but the question I have is how do I do that? Should I send in a note (sample would be appreciated) with my initial N400 form or do this at a later stage (e.g. at the interview)? 4) Is there a way to skip the Naturalization Oath Ceremony? I have four kids and two FT jobs, so it'll be hard to fit it into my schedule as is. I'm also not very hot on these sort of things in general. When we got married on 6/6/6, we only had one guest (the photographer who also acted as one of our witnesses). I've graduated from an university four times, but I've yet to attend a single graduation ceremony. I've won some acclaim during my career, but have never attended to pick up my prize in person - I've always got it shipped home afterwards etc. None of the above are really big issues to me, but I'd like to make this process as painless as possible for myself, especially considering that getting US citizenship is not really something that I aspire, but rather a necessary evil.