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  1. Did you finally receive your NOA-1? if yes, when?

  2. We applied for my wife's AOS by sending the application to the Chicago lockbox on 12/18/2019. USPS tracking number confirmed the package was delivered on 12/21/19. A friend of mine is in the same situation as us and applied for his wife's AOS on the same day from the same post office; their package arrived 12/21/19 as well. They got a text from USCIS on 1/6/20 stating their package was received and received the NOA on 1/10/20. We haven't received any texts (we filled out the G-1145) or the NOA. It's been a month and we are starting to worry. What should we do? edit: She is here on a K1 visa and we married early in the 90 day limit.
  3. For the visa interview, does the I-134 Affidavit of Support that the beneficiary brings need to be the original copy with a "wet ink signature" or can it be a copy? I ask because I've never been able to send anything to my fiance through the mail and it would be very difficult for me to make a trip to Colombia before her interview. I noticed that the I-186 Affidavit of Support does not require "wet ink" and can be submitted as a copy. See these links: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visas-news-archive/20161228_ink-signature-no-longer-required-on-affidavits-of-support.html https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/630702-i-864-photocopies-of-signatures-now-accepted/ https://www.sivisalaw.com/immigration-news/2017/01/19/original-signature-affidavit-support/ I understand that the rules for the I-186 don't necessarily apply to the I-134. Does anyone have any recent experience with this in the Bogota embassy?
  4. Great, thanks! Do you know if all of the documents my fiance will need to bring to the interview can be found online and printed out, or will there be documents that we must receive by mail?
  5. When the US embassy in Bogota receives the K-1 visa package, do they send an email to the fiance recipient or just a physical package to the address listed on the I-129F? I've tried to send my fiance letters in the mail from the US before and they never arrived to her house. We rented a post office box just for the visa process and none of my letters ever arrived there either. I'm concerned that the embassy will send the package and we will never receive it.
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