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  1. Did he just enter? My husband got his SSN exactly 1 week from DOE so hopefully it will arrive soon. Also he passed his written exam but the behind-the-wheel test are so far out. Soonest appt is Nov 6th.
  2. I would try a different office . When we got a bank account, at first they denied us and then after I had to point it out to them where it says “UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I-551 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR 1 YEAR.” and then they honored it. Most people are just misinformed. And if that doesn't work then contact DMV headquarters,speak to a Supervisor there and they can call the office and tell them to honor it.
  3. Which DMV did you go to? I live in Sacramento and went to the DMV in Rocklin. They said everything is fine. We just needed to go open up a bank account so he could have proof of address for a REAL ID and SSN which you can go to the SS office and they will give it to you even if is card is not here yet depending on POE
  4. No one has mentioned trip insurance. Doesn't that allow you to cancel/make changes for any reason without a charge?
  5. You should have received a NOA2 by now. Which service center is your application at?. I would file an expedite. And then at NVC file expedite as well. If everything can get approved, she should have her interview around end of Aug or September
  6. Expedite happen pretty quickly. My case was expedited and a week later is was approved. Everyone case is different. My reason was for medical. It looks like the problem was that it was requested under the wrong reason. It should have been expedited under Medical But you have to prove why the expedite is necessary and how it relates to your case, not just that you need surgery.
  7. Oh yes! I remember. That's awesome. My husband is from Barranquilla. I found the appointment page for you Brazil. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-br/niv So as soon as your status say " Ready". Register your account and choose an appt. The email you get from the Embassy will just provide you with the same instructions. Choose option - recieved email/ letter to schedule appointment. And then after registration. Click the + and select. - I need to register for appointment After you are have your appointment you can go back in and expedite that date as well if it's still too far out for you. Good luck.
  8. Mine was expedited for Colombia and went from in transit to ready the next day
  9. They will send it to all emails provided. Also it's important to note that most expedites only allows YOU to schedule your own appointment with the Embassy vs waiting for NVC schedule. So once your status change from "in transit" to "ready" you can go to your Embassy specific website and register to schedule your appointment
  10. NVC doesn't really have categories that qualify as expedite unlike USCIS. However mine is for medical which is a common for expedites. If you have a situation rather it be medical, or anything that could be urgent for you. Send an email to Nvcexpedite@state.gov include you case number or USCIS receipt number, explain your situation and hope for the best.
  11. Update: I received CC yesterday. Submitted documents on May 10th, Accepted all documents except Birth Certificate needed to be reloaded. Wasn't able to resend until yesterday but was accepted and CC the same day. Case is expedited and Status is "in transit" to Bogota Colombia.
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