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  1. Ah okay, that's a relief then. It has always shown "refused" from what people have posted before. So you're photo is definitely different.
  2. Was this for an interview that was previously scheduled but cancelled? Or a first time interview date given?
  3. It would be quite odd for an embassy in a country you don't reside in to accept your case/expedite after being turned down by your home embassy. But, it doesn't hurt to try - you may run into a nice agent taking the request!
  4. I mean be careful with the strategy from the perspective of your embassy in Vietnam. A November/December appointment pushed back a month or two could result in a cancellation due to a second wave of Coronavirus, instead of just taking the first appointment scheduled. Surely as a few months go by you'll get a better feel of the direction of the virus as your appointment looms. But to answer your first question, yes that's how you reschedule it - let them schedule, then email for a new date.
  5. I would be very careful with this strategy with a potential second wave of coronavirus floating around. Pushing it back one month, could turn into a disaster. With the EO ban continuing until the end of the year, it may free up availability as well at the embassies to conduct IR1/CR1 interviews faster.
  6. I would have to search for the consulate, but it was a consulate that has begun the opening process and rescheduling IR1/CR1 appointments. A person with a K1 posted a screen shot of their email from the embassy saying they're not rescheduling K1 because of the EO. Fully open - no, but rescheduling cancelled appointments, yes.
  7. Haven't multiple members here within the last couple of weeks posted their emails from embassies stating they won't process their K1 due to the EO?
  8. Did anyone ever get a concrete answer if K1 was affected in the original ban?
  9. The reports are coming out fast and furious, as posted earlier, it is confirmed the original April 22nd ban will be extended until 2021, and also expanded to included various work visas. To be clear IR1/CR1, IR2/CR2 will proceed, as they are not included. Anything else, I guess is still up for interpretation, as its the same order, just extended until the end of the year. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/22/politics/trump-immigration-work-visas/index.html
  10. There are definitely visas that are more important than others. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work in the way it appears you want it to. Not every embassy will be opening next week, but some will. I'm here to pass along the information about Romania processing IR1/CR1 again - this is incredible news, and it isn't even my embassy.
  11. Romania is back in business - seems like quite a few embassies are taking the "mission critical" advice from DOS and moving forward with the IR1/CR1 and IR2/CR2 interviews. Excellent news.
  12. Multiple countries have already announced that professional athletes will fall under different circumstances. And most important of all considering the premise of this forum, the USA.
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