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  1. Agree, depends on how you present your case and prepare in advance.
  2. I am not sure for your case .. As I have provided all details in my earlier posts to guide all other applicants, with all my actions to expedite things and resolve issues I faced, I am sharing here again, but all applicants should read all posts and trust me it will really pay you back (choice is yours): I did some home work (including reading all past posts/threads in this forum and learning from experiences) before submitting application and was in direct contact with the office responsible for sponsor views (in my case, office was mentioned on DS2019). I was communicating with them since beginning of application (actually I called them for advice before submitting DOS application as well), and kept them updated with the progress and was not difficult for me to request the office to return sponsor views within few days of DOS request (check my timeline). May be I was lucky since this depends from case to case, some offices are easy to communicate others not. Just try to get office contact information (hard to get for full brights I believe) .. but do whatever you can .... or wait ... and try to talk or visit in person rather than sending email. This is my advice, if possible in your situation.
  3. Your case processing has not started yet and pending your action actually. It is your lawyer's responsibility to guide you correctly. Try to read all posts in this thread and you will get all required information and can save time and money and some peace of mind. When u apply online, u get packet with case number from DOS website and this is all what you need (if didnt get case number before). In packet u get some papers to be submitted to you embassy and it already have printed case number privided by DOS. So which case number your lawyer need? Is this first time for him. Check yourself DOS J1 waiver web page and read all steps carefully and you will get idea what is missing from your side. Ley us know even if some doubts remain in your mind. DoS will open and start processing your case once receive NOS from embassy else no way to blame DOS for delays.
  4. May be you can submit this Qs at Hardship waiver forum. This thread is for No Objection category and we don't have much information on your hardship waiver situation.
  5. Letter from DOS looks enough for you. It tells you lot of thing and location where they have sent your case. Wait for NOA from USCIS and it may reach you within 15 days (U.S address) or start calling USCIS to get receipt number after 15 days. You may have more details in this thread. Read it carefully for responses that fit your situation for planning next steps. If something is not covered, we may help you specifically as per our knowledge.
  6. You have hit the average processing time today so decision should be on the way or try calling USCIS for the status. Website sometimes doesn't show status and applicants have received decision by mail.
  7. After reading your post, I checked my status and it is still showing accepted but I have received my final waiver one month ago by mail. I trust calling customer care is more reliable than online service. This looks good information for others waiting for status update. Pick your phone and call USCIS for status update if it is longer than normal time.
  8. My case was received by them early April and then accepted after one month. SO take it into account as well. Please see my posts for timeline. It took almost 6-7 weeks for USCIS to process my waiver. Please see my last post regarding congressmen option and how and when to use wisely.
  9. I used this link to find our area representative information to contact: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative I made my case using USCIS expedite criteria (severe financial loss and USCIS error with evidence), and used congressman office to request this expedited service instead of calling USCIS, that is little more difficult than this path in my opinion. You should not proceed for this option without strong reason or you may get pre-formatted response from USCIS through congressman office and you may lose this option in future in real need. So make sure you have good evidence to support your claim and then go with this option. I hope this helps!
  10. I have both USCIS account and also mobile tracking app. I have also checked status on 'mycasestatus' site. This is not usual so hope rest of you will get some updates but I thought to share this is also possibility. I got my case solved with congressmen help, so may be this is a reason, but who knows.
  11. Interesting Fact, may be helpful for some of you. I have already got USCIS final waiver two weeks ago and today thought to check status on USCIS website since it was not updated last week. I am surprised that my status is still showing case accepted by lockbox. So anything may happen. Keep active and engaged for your cases after certain timelines.
  12. Please go to my profile and read my posts. You will get better idea how things worked for me with lot of issues. First thing, call USCIS customer service and request to open inquiry and you must receive email response in a week for some additional information like resend DOS FR. And you should receive NOA soon. Check for receiving date mentioned on the letter and should expect USCIS decision before 6-8 weeks before you started getting worried for No Objection case (Hardship and other situations take more time). I got congressman office involved and they provide me exact information that I tallied with other events and found exactly same. So in my case, yes, it works. But again, make a case strong enough with good justification, why you need their involvement so they will definitely work with you seriously. Based on my experience so take decision with your own wisdom and based on your situation. Try to read all previous posts in both 2019 and 2018 timeline, you will get very good information.
  13. This can be done online only, available @ https://j1visawaiverrecommendation.state.gov/ Select following from the list and update online: Inform the Department of State of a change to personal data (such as mailing address, email, phone, etc.
  14. Hi Guys, Today, I got final waiver in mail but online website is not updated with the status. My J1 waiver journey is concluded positively with final waiver!! Journey started on December 26, 2018 and concluded today on May 18, 2019. Almost 6 month to pass all steps. I had to involve congressmen and provide documentation to prove that there is USCIS error in updating my case in time and delay is beyond normal processing time plus I may need to leave if waiver doesn't come in time (my visa expiry is really near now). So congressmen office contacted me after a week to sign a document for them to contact USCIS on my behalf and then after one week I got informed that USCIS is investigating congressmen request. So, congressmen involvement really worked for me otherwise there could be further delay since USCIS lost my case and then found and updated acceptance date with one month gap of receiving date for processing etc. It took only few day for USCIS to investigate and conclude after congressmen involvement. Use congressmen option carefully and when things are very tight and not going well in your favor! This will really work with wise decision and homework (evidences)! I hope this information will be helpful for those still waiting or facing some issues. I will be happy to help you guys with specific questions, if you have. Wish you all the best for your J1 waiver journeys for positive outcomes too! Thanks everyone and specially those who responded to my questions offering help!
  15. Thanks dear. I was asking for this since my receive and acceptance date stated on I797c has one month gap. This is helpful.
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