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  1. Hi, I don't have personal check book but I want to track my application packet using cashier check. I can pay bank fee to get it on the same day and will be able to track when it is cashed vs money order that can not be tracked easily. Can you please share experience, if someone has used this method for J1 waiver fee payment or know anything about it? Or any other suggestion to get bank check in 1-2 day or other traceable method? Main purpose is to track sent application packet using check cashed method. Thanks!
  2. Update: USPS has lost my package! So I am sending another package using Fedex Express service!
  3. JWaiver_2019

    J1 waiver

    Nope! USPS lost my DoS packet and I am trying to refund money order and resubmit another package using Fedex. So more delay!
  4. Update: Still my package is stuck with USPS. I have contacted all available resources and now trying to get it back and send by Fedex. No success. I got call from local Saint Louis office after registering complain asking me if I want to reschedule delivery and I was asking them why they didn't leave envelop in PO Box for them to pick since I didn't request for additional services (receipt/signature). So I am clear my envelop is part of USPS mishandling and lesson learned, use Fedex service (better than USPS and UPS) for your important mails and keep tracking and follo up until gets delivered. Each individual case is different so follow yourself. I will cancel money order and send another packet if this remains unresolved until Monday, no other choice for me. Note: There is no update on J1 online portal so I will not assume that it has been picked up and sleep. I hope this will be helpful for those planning to send their documents. Thanks
  5. JWaiver_2019


    Hello Conrad2019, I was checking for USCIS operational status during government shutdown and am aware from various sources that Conrad 30 Waiver Program is affected with current shutdown. Please check if your application falls under this topic: See below with USCIS link and research on google for similar news updates on current status: Conrad 30 Waiver Program for J-1 medical doctors. This program allows J-1 doctors to apply for a waiver of the two-year residence requirement after completing the J-1 exchange visitor program. The expiration only affects the date by which the J-1 doctor must have entered the U.S.; it is not a shutdown of the Conrad 30 program entirely. Reference: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/lapse-federal-funding-does-not-impact-most-uscis-operations I hope this information will be helpful.
  6. JWaiver_2019

    J1 waiver

    Ultimate goal of many J waiver applicants is GC and if one doesn't have H1B offer then it makes sense to apply once you meet eligibility criteria for one of GC categories. I wish you all the best ... and yes, wait is painful and I have experienced the same when I was waiting for administrative process for J visa (almost 9 weeks wait before I get it) but wish not this time .... fingers crossed! keep us posted.
  7. Makes sense! I hope so! Considering responses, I have planned to wait and see for update in few days. My only confusion, surfaced again, was regarding USCIS staff who picks mail (if they are under shutdown order too), and when I saw new USPS tracking message today, why USCIS didn't pick mail and USPS had to leave notice for them (as per today's tracking message) ... But it seems from various forums (am doing research) that USPS tracking is not of high quality and this has happened with other applicants in past years as well but they got status change in 2 business days. So am expecting something updated by end of the week. Will keep posted here.
  8. JWaiver_2019

    J1 waiver

    Yes, I hope so! I am switching to H1B so I could have longer duration contract from same employer. My employer is in agreement to process H1B with premium service soon after waiver. But with J1 visa, I have offer to get annual extensions for next two years only and any way will be going through same painful process again next year so why not I apply for waiver now. So choice is in my hand but I prefer H1B over J1.
  9. JWaiver_2019

    J1 waiver

    Yes, I wish! I have requested embassy for NOS too and expecting response by end of the month with expectation to get decision by April/May. On other hand my application packet/documents got stuck at DoS J1 waiver post office for delivery.
  10. JWaiver_2019

    J1 waiver

    Same situation here. I have also applied for J waiver (my J1 status ending in July 2019) and sent documents to DoS J1 Waiver St Louis address on December 28 (pending delivery for 1 week). I am also expecting decision before June. As per my research on multiple forums, we need to see when DoS opens our case, i.e. once all documents including No Objection from embassy are received, then the process shouldn't be longer than 3 months in 85% of cases (hope you are counted among this 85%). Fingers crossed! Keep us posted!
  11. Thanks for supportive response and I believe for the same. But there is strange message on tracking site for me today. I can share here: This is the today's changed status on USPS tracking page: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Status Delivery Attempt: Action Needed Reminder to Schedule Redelivery of your item before January 11, 2019 This is a reminder to arrange for redelivery of your item before January 11, 2019 or your item will be returned on January 12, 2019. You may arrange redelivery by using the Schedule a Redelivery feature on this page or may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It looks USPS attempted delivery and left notice for USCIS. I will wait for few more days to see if it is delivered/picked up or not otherwise planning to intercept delivery for return and send it back using Fedex or other courier on another address. I should have used FedEx earlier! I am not sure if this has happened with anyone else since I am more curious to know due to shutdown situation that I believe shouldn't be reason but this delay is happening since December 28th 2018 (First delivery attempt by USPS). Also, I am unable to see USCIS updates on other forums these days. Fingers crossed.
  12. I sent it to the following postal address, as mentioned in DoS application packet instructions, downloaded soon after submission of online forms for case number, and I used USPS Flat Rate Envelop to send all required documents with money order: Department of State J-1 Waiver P.O. Box 979037 St. Louis, MO 63197-9000 May be I can call USPS again to check opinion of other customer care operator, if you had different situation? I also believe it should be changed to delivered otherwise how may I know that documents have been received successfully. My mistake, I should have used other guaranteed service!
  13. Hi, I have one question for advice. I have already submitted my statement of reason with application packet to DoS but then someone suggested (whom actually I requested earlier for my SOR review and he replied late) that I need to add two line to explain XYZ reason in my statement that makes my case stronger. I realized yes his point is valid but now worried, since it has been submitted to DoS, will it be possible to change it. I can see there is one link on J1 waiver portal to create statement of reason separately but I am not sure if it is for this purpose too. For clarification, let me share that my NOS from Embassy is still pending and will not reach to DoS before January 20 2019. So I believe I have time to make changes if allowed. Any advice will be really appreciated based on your research in forums and experience to move forward. Thanks everyone!
  14. Thanks MsNina! This is helpful response. I want to update as well that I called USPS and after 1hour 15min wait time (due to Christmas/New Year season I believe), I was able to talk to customer care and they informed me that this status means it has been delivered and they need to pick up now. There will be no change in status like "delivered" and this is final status from USPS. I trust this information provided! So it makes sense to me now that there is no need to be worried since there is no link with current federal shutdown thing. As per other posts and shared experience, I will wait for another week or little longer to check status update if documents have been received by DoS.
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum and sharing my experience with you guys who may be in same boat with me. I believe J1 Waiver processing is affected partially with shut down too, not sure but this is happening with me: I just sent documents package after online application submission and getting case number, to the below address as per instructions: Department of State J-1 Waiver P.O. Box 979037 St. Louis, MO 63197-9000 I was tracking USPS and just got message that "Your item arrived at the SAINT LOUIS, MO 63197 post office at 9:47 am on December 28, 2018 and is ready for pickup." I didn't request for signature or any other service except flat rate envelope tracking. So I am not sure why status is saying "Ready for Pick Up". Is it normal or due to shut down thing there is a backlog of mails in their mail boxes. I am trying to contact USPS but wait times are more than 40 minutes on customer care line. So I thought to check with other applicants' experience if they faced similar thing in past? Any idea?