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  1. Still waiting for favourable recommendation from DOS. Its been 4 weeks.
  2. Ok Jwaiver2019 thanks for your reply
  3. congrats J1 waiver happy for you. Me too used the usps priority mail returned envelopes with tracking number, but i sent the A4 size envelope since on that day post office was out of smaller envelopes. Do you think that will matter?
  4. Thank you JWaiver_2019. I wish you too to get good news soon
  5. Guys Mine too got updated.... It took exactly 4 weeks for me to get No objection statement received update. Also Indian washington embassy is only sending No objection statement only via emails from 2017 its seems, so Indian friends no need to get panic.
  6. Congrats Filipi....Happy for You
  7. Thanks for your reply, May I know at what date they emailed DOS? My embassy have emailed DOS on 11th Feb 2019.
  8. Hi Today i enquired about my No objection statement through email from washington embassy, they have replied that they have sent my no objection statement through email to DOS on February 15th. Is that okay? Im worried since the DOS has clearly mentioned to sent through post to waiver review division. Any replies regarding this are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi sam, I think you are good since Im from India and I followed accordingly. Yours maybe different.
  10. Thanks JWaiver_2019. I did not receive any US government funding, hopefully within week or two my status will be updated
  11. Hi everyone Me too applied for J1 waiver under no objection category and I wanted to share my status so far.... I sent the DS 3035 application package on Jan 31st 2019 through USPS priority mail and the package got delivered on Feb 3 2019. I also sent the package to houston embassy on Jan 30th through fedex and it got delivered on 1st Feb 2019 and i picked up the package (copy of the NOS forwarded to DC embassy) from local fedex location on 7th Feb 2019 I got the copy of NOC statement forwarded to DOS from DC embassy on 15th February 2019 My status was updated (documents received ) in DOS website on 15th february 2019 I am aware of the new processing timings, but Im worried whether DOS missed my NOC and I badly need this waiver as soon as possible as I wanted to take break and change to H4 visa and move to my husband place, as me and my husband are living separately. Still waiting for the NOS received update in DOS website😩 . Anybody in my situation and sharing the same timeline with me? Thoughts and updates on your case are appreciated. Thanks!