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  1. My fiancee and I were together in the US for 2 years.. and then she departed back to her country when she finished school.. I then applied for the K1 visa and during the 10 months apart, we did not see each other for various reasons.. but we would communicate everyday via chat/call/video.. that kept us connected.. and knowing that we will soon be together for the rest of our lives kept us sane.. Just keep reminding yourself that this little sacrifice (wait time) will be all worth it for the rest of your lives. Good luck with the journey!
  2. MongolianPanda

    K1 Visa Interview Scheduling Question

    @TBoneTX How do I add it to the "Embassy Info" ?? yes, i'll be sure to post the outcome after next week.. submitting all the documents today and if everything looks good, they'll schedule her for the visa interview on the 9th of jan.
  3. MongolianPanda

    K1 Visa Interview Scheduling Question

    Just in case someone needed some info in the future.. There is a 2 step process to get the K1 Visa Interview Appointment. You'll have to wait until the Consulate contact the beneficiary via e-mail or phone call. Or you can do what I did which was to e-mail the consulate and state that you are a US Citizen inquiring about your K1 case.. and provide all the info. Of course give the Consulate some time after they receive the case from NVC before you start following up. The 1st step after they contact you is they'll send you a check of documents you need to submit for the interview. Once you have them ready, you e-mail them back to let them know and they'll schedule a "Document Submission" appointment. One that appointment day, you'll go to the consulate and submit all the documents. If they think you have everything in order, they will then give you an appointment date for your K1 visa interview. Good luck!
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm filing K1 Fiance visa petition for my fiance in Mongolia. So far, NOA1 received 5/4/18, NOA2 Received 10/31/18, NVC case created 11/20/18, NVC shipped our case on 12/11/18, and US Embassy/Consulate has received the case on 12/17/18 via DHL Tracking. My question is how does she schedule the K1 Visa Interview with the US Consulate in Ulaanbaatar? When she tried to schedule the interview online on usatravel site, it only gave her an option to chose non-immigrant visa.. and there were no K1 option to select. We understand K1 is a non-immigrant but with intentions of an immigrant visa. She has already completed the DS-160 and has her confirmation page, She already finished the medical exam by the US Consulate approved physician, and already paid the $265 Visa fee and has the slip receipt in her hand. Question is, how does she schedule the interview? Will the US Consulate schedule one for her? We already e-mailed the US Consulate in Ulaanbaatar but hasn't received a response. Does anyone on here have knowledge/experience on how K1 interview works in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia? Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.