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  1. Thank you.. this makes total sense.. I wouldn't want them to jeopardize their future visits with this mistake... I will let him know the best way is to go back after their current visit is done and to apply for F1 at a later time. Thanks again!
  2. if you're sick, maybe you should go see a doctor before you get worse ... How is it selfish to see what the possibilities are? It wasn't like it was his intention to come in with a tourist visa to stay here illegally. It's to see if its possible to switch the visa to a different visa (LEGALLY). Maybe you shouldn't accuse others of their intentions without knowing all the facts.. it appears from all of your comments to other posts on VJ are the same way. and for your information, I'm a law abiding citizen.. all the processes I've done so far are legal and legit. check my timeline before you accuse someone of something they are not. Hopefully you find a cure for your sickness mister grumpy. Got it.. thanks for your feedback.. appreciate it!
  3. Hi Guys... my brother in law came in on a visitor visa with his wife and kid (less than 2 years old)... he wants to know if it's possible to switch from B1/B2 visa to F1? He's thinking about going to school here.. and if possible, how does it work for his wife and kid? Would they also get F2 status? would they have to go back to the country to apply for F1 and F2 visas? Thank you!
  4. California is a joke.. they make LEGAL immigrants go through all sorts of hoops but they make everything so much easier for ILLEGAL immigrants SMH
  5. If you're not a trusting person, then why bother coming here to ask at all in the first place? Everyone here is trying to help one another, not to sabotage. Be a bit more grateful and appreciative.
  6. Because he's trying to make america great again
  7. Once you arrive in the States.. you can get married at any local court room, register recorder office, or private marriage places that are licensed. Once you get your marriage certificate, make sure to get a few "certified" copies.. you'll need to provide a certified copy to submit with your AOS package. Be sure to submit Advanced Parole and EAD with your AOS package since it's free.
  8. right.. that's what I thought too.. but I've seen other timelines where they had a later date of NOA1 and biometrics date but had their EADs approved already.. so I was curious if EAD/AP gets processed depending on where you file.
  9. Hello all.. just a curious question.. We filed AOS from K1 visa back in Feburary.. NOA1 date of 3/5/19 and Biometrics date of 3/29/19. Looking through the timelines of other AOS from K1 cases with similar NOA1 dates, I saw a few of them were already approved. Does the processing time matter based on where you filed?
  10. DO NOT overstay... especially after receiving your NOA2 approval.. why risk your future by overstaying a few days, it's not worth it and your friend will/should understand .. if they don't then they are not really a good friend to begin with imo.
  11. keep checking the status.. it'll soon change from "Immigrant Visa Application" to "Non-Immigrant Visa Application".. once you see that, it'll just be a day or few days until it'll say issued. Good luck!!!
  12. @MajaMukanowska if you filed for AOS back in July 2017, why haven't you had your green card interview yet? It's going to be almost 2 years since you submitted AOS package and no green card interview? Correct me if I'm wrong, but once you have a green card, you no longer need a work permit. no?
  13. You can easily print out your tax transcripts within minutes.. Go here https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript and create an account online and download the tax history on there
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