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  1. I paid my lawyer fees to them, but I paid the money to USCIS through a money order. Do you think I would be able to get a full refund?
  2. Yeah I’m realizing now I should have done it myself. I just figured earlier that I’m a 21 year old girl that doesn’t know anything about the law or immigration so my best bet would be to hire someone. My attorney claims to have sent my petition in, but that was in October and I still haven’t received any NOA1/ receipt and it’s been three months. I’ve periodically called USCIS to have them check if I’m in the system and the NOA1 somehow got lost in the mail but every time there’s been no record of my petition. They said there’s zero reason why it should be taking this long if my attorney submitted the petition when she said she did
  3. I still haven’t gotten my receipt from uscis With the case number. I’m just so confused with everything to do with my case, it seems like my attorney just keeps feeding me lies and excuses
  4. My attorney had me print and sign the unfilled documents and send them to her (I don’t live near her), and then she filled the documents out with the info she got from me over the phone
  5. Hi everyone, basically I’ve been having a lot of issues with my attorney. Ive been trying to get them to send me the documents that they sent to USCIS for the past three weeks with them just telling me “we’ll send it tomorrow” and other excuses. I finally got the forms in my email this morning at 3 am. I was scanning through the filled out documents and noticed that the attorney misspelled my name on part 4a, the beneficiary’s family name. She added an extra letter. The rest of the parts of the documents that include my last name all look fine besides 4a. I was wondering if this could mess things up with the application? Or if there’s anything I could do?
  6. Anybody else send their petition to the Phoenix, AZ lockbox?
  7. The $535 was paid with a money order addressed to uscis, and then I paid the attorney fees online with a credit card
  8. I just called uscis, he checked both the name I filed with and with my maiden name and there were no records. He said there is absolutely no reason why it should take double the Normal time, especially if they haven’t received the petition yet. He recommended that I get the exact delivery date and find the delivery method (fedex, us post etc) and a tracking number. I don’t even know what to do right now. Knowing these past two months of “waiting for the NOA1” has been pointless is heartbreaking. I know two months is not a long time, especially compared to other people’s cases who have been waiting for so much longer, but I just feel so frustrated that I trusted someone
  9. Not yet, planning on doing that this afternoon! Also the firm owner messaged me back and he said he would meet with his team and figure out what’s going on and get back to me today
  10. Thank you so much everyone for your support and advice. This whole process has been so stressful along with so many other things going on in my life, and makes it so much worse that I don’t have my husband here to comfort me. Hopefully I can figure things out and get things on the right track with the help from all of you ❤️
  11. Yeah exactly!! She’s always been talking about “the receipt” and I was so confused. I thought she meant the receipt that they deposited the money order or something? I have no idea still what she means by the receipt
  12. Wow that’s crazy. Was it hard to get the documents and money back?
  13. What happened with your first attorney? How did you find out things went bad? And did you get your money back?
  14. She just replied to my email and said “what is the NOA1?” I guess this is what she means by a receipt because she keeps referring to something as a receipt?? Why do I need to explain the very basics of the steps to a common visa to an attorney that works at a law firm that specializes in immigration??
  15. The attorney is in california and I’m in Canada