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  1. Hi guys, My wife finally got her passport back today after the interview on Feb 22. We are planning to cross the border to USA this weekend by car. Are they asking for negative covid tests at the border crossings? Regards
  2. Thanks Tofu. Her status changed to Issued (Your visa is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing) today. Hopefully, it will change to final processing soon.
  3. Hi guys, My wife's medical exam was on Feb 10, 2021 at Medisys and interview was on Feb 22, 2021 at US consulate Montreal. Unfortunately, her medical exam didn't reach the consulate before the interview and hence she was given a refusal. Medisys confirmed on 23rd that they sent her medical to the consulate. Now just waiting on the status to change from refused to issued. Anyone who experienced this recently, how long did it take to get the passport? Thanks
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