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  1. Do we have to resubmit all the documents including birth certificate and marriage certificate ?
  2. Okay, thank you so much. What is the average time that it takes to get the NOID? And once i get the NOID, I’ll be able to respond, right? And try to get it reaffirmed?
  3. Sorry for the delayed response. They didn’t explain to him why. They asked three questions. How did you meet your fiancée, how many times, and where do you want to have your wedding? He answered truthfully that we met through my cousin. The first we met one time in Ethiopia and after that began messaging and talking on the phone. I returned 10 months later to reunite with him where he proposed. After his interview the officer informed him that he was denied. When he asked why, she wouldn’t explain why and told him to ask me. I’m not sure on what to do. I am conflicted between waiting for the NOIR or getting married and applying for K3. Thoughts?
  4. Sadly, my fiancée was denied. He was give no explanation and she didn’t even look at any of the evidence he had on him. Really heartbroken right now .
  5. Would it be for a household of 2 (including my fiancee) or 3 (including me and fiancee)?
  6. @Greenbaum Hey Greenbaum: Is there any problem with scheduling medical exam before P3? We have all the other requirements done
  7. Thank you so much for your help! I wrote this question before reaching out in the other group.
  8. Hey guys. Embassy has not been responding to my emails the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago they told me they didn’t receive my file event though I could see it was delivered and signed on DHL. Also my status changed to ready shortly after. When i try to call them, the only thing they are able to do is schedule and appointment but can’t give me information about the case. I’m at a loss. Should write a letter to the embassy?
  9. My case was delivered and signed for at the US Embassy in Ethiopia on May 17,2019. My status was subsequently changed to ready. However when I emailed the embassy two weeks ago, they stated they didn’t receive the file yet? I’m very concerned. Other Ethiopian filters have not waited this long for their P3. Is it possible they lost it??
  10. @Greenbaum Thank you so much for the information! Also, just realized I accidentally switched my fiancee's middle and last name. In Ethiopia, middle name is father's name and last name is grandfather's name. How can I correct it, if it's already at the embassy?
  11. 15 days have passed and still no letter from the embassy with the instructions
  12. Kind of worried! Using DHL, I saw that my file was delivered and signed for on May 17th. However, I reached out the embassy and they stated they didn't receive a file yet from NVC.
  13. Has anyone did this? If so, did you experience any issues?
  14. Can I schedule interview before receiving P3 letter?? I just checked on the website and an interview is available for July 3rd. I'm scared to lose that slot.
  15. Congrats!!! What kind of questions did they ask the beneficiary??
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