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  1. Kind of worried! Using DHL, I saw that my file was delivered and signed for on May 17th. However, I reached out the embassy and they stated they didn't receive a file yet from NVC.
  2. Can I schedule interview before receiving P3 letter?? I just checked on the website and an interview is available for July 3rd. I'm scared to lose that slot.
  3. Congrats!!! What kind of questions did they ask the beneficiary??
  4. Very excited that my case is in transit!! However, I was confused by the part where it says an interview date was provided by the National Visa Center. I have not received any emails about an interview date.
  5. How long has it taken typically from date of receiving case number to date receiving the notice that case is ready to be shipped?
  6. Case number received!! After only 3 days, crazy fast! Love the pace everything has been going!
  7. I wanted to hear from other filers from Ethiopia. Def would love to share experiences. I am filling for K1 visa for my fiancee. NVC received the case today, hoping it'll be sent to embassy soon!
  8. Thank you so much!! I will keep that mind. I really appreciate it.
  9. Case has been received by NVC. Things are really picking up now! Now exciting!
  10. Are there any documents that need to be submitted to the NVC as part as the application process in addition to the DS 160?
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