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  1. It’s on April 15th. I’m excited as well. Also, don’t use Yared Hospital for the medical exam. We called to make an appointment, and they told us to come on Saturday. When my fiancé got there, they then said they weren’t taking appointments that day. They also said that they were still working on getting people their paperwork from appointments in February. Why they couldn’t tell us that on the phone, no idea.
  2. For all of you still here, we got our appointment scheduled today for later this month! They even had April 9th open. We actually got an appointment earlier than the original one we had picked to print out the bank form. Hang in there!
  3. No, you have to register on the usvisa-info website to be able to print out a form to take to the bank to pay. You have to wait for an interview slot to open up to be able to print the form too. You can get police records. Take that email, the checklist, and ID/passport and they will have them done in a few days. You can schedule the medical but the only place we could get to answer the phone in the last two weeks is St. Yared.
  4. Just to update y'all for anyone following. So on the usvisa-info site there are three or four different steps. Initially, you put in the applicants info and in order to pay the fee at the bank, you have to be able to print out a form on the website. To print out the form, there has to be an open appointment slot on the website as well. Once you print out that form and someone physically pays it, it will update itself on the website (ours took maybe 12 hours). Once it updates, it will let you proceed to the next screen to then pick a(nother) scheduled slot for an appointment. After we picked an appointment date (only one was available), paid, and went to the next screen, there were no slots available. After calling the embassy, they told us that the slot we initially picked (before paying the fee) is now taken and that we have to continue to refresh to pick an appointment date and time. Looks like the date you initially pick doesn't really matter as it probably won't be open. They basically said we don't know when dates will be open, just keep checking.
  5. Nope. We refreshed at like 9am Addis time and there was one date open for April 29th I believe. When we clicked it, it let us print out a sheet to use to pay at Abyssinia bank. Once the payment had cleared, it lets you go to the next step which says scheduling appointment. Even though we already picked a date, now on this page it doesn’t give us any dates or times and says check back later, so I have no idea if that day still stands, if we schedule it, etc.
  6. Yes, they sent it to mine (the petitioner’s email). It wasn’t sent to my fiancé’s email though.
  7. Looks like we finally did get our packet, so maybe expect it in a month and some days at the most? Also, if anyone knows. When we opened the usvisa-info site, after checking for a day or two a date finally popped up. We clicked it and it then led us to instructions to pay for the visa at the Bank of Abyssinia. Did that today and it was approved letting us move on to scheduling. How exactly does scheduling work though? We chose a date initially before the payment (you have to choose an open date to actually pay) but now it has moved us from the payment to scheduling page and it says no times are available. Is it going to eventually give us times on that first date that we picked or does the NVC/embassy actually assign us a date and time?
  8. I really really hope so!! April 30th will be the end of my visa in Addis and hoping we can go back together but it’s not looking bright.
  9. This is great. I would not get too excited just yet though. Our NOA-2 was in April 2020. They finally sent our case to the embassy on Feb 16th of this year and radio silence. I called and emailed and they basically said sorry, you just have to wait for the packet as we’re scheduling a limited number of appointments. Going on a month now with no word from them.
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