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  1. Interview on 5/16 and got approved. When I check on CEAC, the status still says "application received". Is that normal? Is that the correct site to check for the status?
  2. Right.....I am thinking about having my father as the co-sponsor. He's earning 40K per year and supporting my mother who's unemployed. Would that be enough to be a co-sponsor?
  3. Thank you for replying. It is a K1 visa for embassy in China
  4. Hi! I am having a difficult financial situation at the moment and hope someone can help me on that. I graduated with a Master's degree from one of the top-tier universities in 2017. I had a well-payed job (92K) in 2018 (I filed my tax). However, I was laid off in Nov 2018 and have been actively looking for jobs but no luck so far. The value of savings and investments I own is about 33K in total.....I am thinking about using my father as a joint sponsor but he's earning 40K and supporting my mother who's unemployed at the same time. Has anyone been through similar situations before? How should I better prepare the interview materials? Should I write a statement to explain my current financial situation and my potential of getting a good job? I am nervous. How difficult can CO be with my situation? Is my situation a red flag that would greatly impact the approval decision? ......Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  5. Should I be worried that my case status changed to AP after being received at consulate? How long does the AP usually take? (The NVC status changed from Ready to AP)
  6. Hi! I was wondering if anyone of you had used passport photos that might be a little older than 6 months and had no issue for interview? So we submitted one of the photos for the I-129f petition and have some extra ones. We are thinking about using these extra ones for P3, medical exam, and interview. I estimate that the photos will be about 6.5 months old by the time of interview. Would using them be a problem? Thank you
  7. Congrats on your interview date btw. Everything is moving smoothly for you!
  8. I've heard that once Guangzhou Consulate receives the K1 application, it will send a physical package asking for some documents. Only after these documents are sent back to Guangzhou Consulate, the applicant can schedule for interview. Can someone confirm this information with me? Also, what documents are asked to be sent back? Thank you
  9. For packages sent electronically to embassy, do they also follow the shipment schedule?
  10. Lol. Originally I was hoping to watch the playoffs with my fiancee in the US. *sigh* my team is not going to make it past the first round in playoffs anyway.
  11. Hey guys! I was just being proactive by completing the DS-160 form for my fiancee and having a question about the "Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused......" question. In 2018, she applied for a B1/B2 visa in order to visit me (although that's not the reason she put in the DS-160). Despite this part, anything else was put down correctly and carefully. Later her visa was refused. I think it's because she didn't have enough assets or incomes to show the bonding to her home country. So in order to answer this question properly, should I select "Yes" and then write "She applied for B1/B2 visa and got refused" in the details box? Is this enough? Will this visa refusal have any impact on K1? Thank you!
  12. Thank you! The call center is definitely a mystery IMO.
  13. Thank you!! I hope you will join the approved ones very soon. So far I had three level 2 officers telling me the case hadn't been touched and one level 2 officer telling me they were close to making a decision. All conversations happened AFTER the case was actually approved. Definitely don't get yourself upset when hearing similar things but knowing there was no RFE is a good thing.
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