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  1. hello! my case was approved on april 19 and it was sent to nvc but still no case number. where did you call?
  2. i was approved on april 19th but still no case number from nvc.
  3. i really hope NSC speeds up quickly and your case gets approved. \( ˆoˆ )/ 
  4. (T_T) i feel bad my case was approved sooner than many of people at NSC who have been waiting longer than i did.
  5. thank you! still the information on case tracker app and uscis case status i can check hasnt updated. so i asked my husband 'are you sure????' but his uscis account page says it was approved. hope your case get approved soon too.
  6. thank you! hope it will be your turn soon too! im lucky. i noticed that a lot of i-130 cases from japan sent to nebraska usually. ours was somehow sent to texas. its not really fair that my case was approved sooner than a lot of people at nebraska. i really hope uscis speeds up for everyone who is waiting.
  7. thank you so much! ill keep you guys updated. september team helps me to go through this hard time. makes me feel like im not the only one.
  8. thank you! recently i was tired of checking the case tracker app and our status online everyday, so i cant believe it actually happened! im nervous now!
  9. got approved! it says "on april 19th" but my husband found out this morning when he checked his uscis account. (he checks his account everyday, so i guess uscis just updated today after easter holiday... ) no update on case tracker app or he didnt receive any email. at texas center and our pd is sept 10th.
  10. whaaaat?! congrats! you have the same pd day as mine! and we are also at texas service center. thanks for the great news. hope we will receive it soon too!
  11. ours is september 10th. and also at texas service center.
  12. wow congrats! yay! hope texas center will catch up too!
  13. hello my pd is september 10th and at texas office. wow, potomac is approving way faster than other places! john and rose, congrats! hope things will go smoothly for you guys. ٩( ᐛ )و
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