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  1. hi, thank you for your reply. i was in the states only for 16 days last year (i came to the states with IR1 visa.) and took care of my tax in japan already. if my husband file tax separately, he files only his tax and i don't need to file tax in the states for 2019? thank you for your reply! like i wrote above, i was in the states only for 16 days last year. and came here as a new immigrant with IR1 visa. we even called IRS to ask what we should do in our case, but they didn't know. do you think its easier for him to file separately? i feel like its more complicated to file jointly. plus, i dont want to pay tax for my income which i already paid tax for in my country.
  2. hi i have a question. did you file tax online? im in the similar situation. i came to the states in late dec, 2019. so i didnt work at all in the states last year but in my home country. my tax return for 2019 in my country is taken care of already and i paid tax for it when i left there. when my husband file tax for 2019 jointly in the states, do you think he can include my oversea income? (its less than $105900)
  3. my card arrived on thursday last week! thanks for your info. it was very helpful.
  4. hi, my status changed to "card was mailed to me" today. where did you see the usps tracking number? on your case status? or my uscis? just wondering.
  5. hello. when i checked my status on USCIS Case Status today, i got the same message "card is being produced" but MY USCIS hasnt updated and it still says "in process." exactly the same as your case. my poe is chicago o'hare, on dec 15th, 2019.
  6. still waiting???? did you send them a message to ask what's going on?
  7. Hi, did you received your GC? I entered in December, 2019 but still no GC... It's been 2 months and half. waiting patiently...
  8. hi i didnt have to chose an agent either. it actually confused me too. because i thought thats what i had to do first. when you sign in at CEAC, first you put your case number and invoice number. then you chose if your applicant, attorney, petitioner, or third party agent. thats it. then you log in and pay the fee.
  9. thanks, ryu55. just received all the original documents in the mail today!
  10. yeah thats what i was wondering too. do i need all those documents submitted online, like original signed I-864? if so, i need to ask my husband and my father in law to send them to me which takes a while.
  11. i got my documentary qualified on sept 11th and got my interview date on the 21st. and my interview will be in mid october. it will be at american embassy in tokyo.
  12. i got my interview date 10 days after nvc documentary qualified. it was sooner than i expected. and i will have an interview in mid october in tokyo.
  13. thanks a lot for the info! i was just about to file mine too.
  14. hello! my case was approved on april 19 and it was sent to nvc but still no case number. where did you call?
  15. i was approved on april 19th but still no case number from nvc.
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