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  1. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure you're still current as of July.
  2. Sorta... I'm petitioning my wife in a process called follow-to-join. I'm currently in the US and received my GC in the EB2 category last October. Follow-to-join allows me to bring my wife down via consular processing with the NVC, and she is given the same preference category and PD as me (EB2 - Aug 2017). This process is less common than others, so I'm not convinced everything is handled exactly the same as a standard EB2. But from what I can tell, she's basically going to be processed as an EB2, similar to everyone on this thread. As for CC, ours is June 21.
  3. I think the fiscal year for USCIS/NVC ends in Sept, and the next year starts in Oct. So if this follows the same pattern as previous years, we'll all be current again at the beginning of October. I don't know what that means for interviews. I.e. whether or not any of us will get an interview prior to October. Or, if they're going to wait to schedule until then. I guess we should find out this week if/when they send out IL's to any of us.
  4. Looks like EB visas just retrogressed for August. I'm assuming this will affect all of use who are waiting for EB interviews in Montreal.
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