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  1. That link is to create a USCIS account in case you didn't have one yet. The system is down at the moment though.
  2. My case was already approved and I'm still getting a validation error: When I call USCIS and check the status via the phone, the automated system says the case number doesn't exist. I was able to check the status of the same case only by creating a USCIS account or by talking to a live operator: https://myaccount.uscis.gov/users/sign_up
  3. It's down for me too. Looks like they performed system maintenance last night and broke it: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/tools-outage
  4. Our PD is 11/29, petition approved on 7/3, notice received by mail on 7/10. As of today I haven't received any email or SMS notifications, my USCIS account status hasn't been updated either, still showing "case received".
  5. PD - Nov 29 Got approval notice via mail today - NOA2 July 3.
  6. Hi all! Me and my spouse are approaching the NVC phase, so I'm collecting all the documents we are going to need. As I understand, we will have to list all the addresses where my spouse resided since she was 16 and provide a police report from each country where she resided for at least 12 months. We already got a police report from her home country as well as from Spain where she lived for the last 4 years. But I'm not sure what to do about another country that she used to go to in the past. About 8 years ago my wife frequently visited Poland for work. Each visit lasted no longer than 2-3 months but there were quite a few of them over the duration of 2 years, so there's a chance the total stay in Poland was more than 12 months. One issue is that she no longer has her old passport with entry stamps, so we don't know with certainty how much time she spent in Poland. Also she doesn't remember and didn't keep record of addresses where she stayed. My questions are: Should we list Poland in the NVC application considering we don't know where, when and how long my wife temporarily lived there? Do we need a police report from Poland, considering that my wife stayed there 2-3 months per visit at most, but possibly more than 12 months total? Thank you for your insight.
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