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  1. We're in LA and we've been staying indoor too. Yeah, we definitely are not going anywhere until it's safe.
  2. DMV said the issue was with the passport, the page was too thick for their machine or something. We don't need to worry about that anymore:)
  3. DMV did accept her IV as a proof of residency. The problem was with my wife's passport. For some reason DMV's passport scanner was unable to read my wife's passport data. We tried 3 different DVM locations. They told us they could submit a request to verify the passport, but it could take up to 6 months. So we decided it would be faster just to wait for the GC.
  4. Thank you! The only thing that the green card is now letting us do is to get a Real ID driver's license. Other than that having the card doesn't really affect our life that much:) Haha, clever:) Congrats!
  5. The wait is over, we finally have the green card! Time to go for a vacation. We're thinking Italy... Or maybe China?
  6. I got another status update next day and the uscis site is now showing a tracking number:
  7. Sounds like fun! We've been thinking of going to Yosemite, not sure if we can go anywhere now with the quarantine in CA though. And with a six months old baby we don't want to take too many chances.
  8. Congrats! Hopefully this coronavirus thing blows over quickly enough so that we can use those green cards to go on vacation!
  9. I finally received a notification today that our case status changed to "Card Is Being Produced". My USCIS online account is still showing the same status, but the date changed from March 16 to March 19: The public "Check Status" page is showing the new status though:
  10. Yep, that one still says “visa fee payment received”. I check both sites at least once a day.
  11. I wouldn't worry if our online status changed to "in production". But it's still the same "USCIS has accepted your application for processing" status that we've had since early December. Only the date got updated on March 16. But it also got updated on February 12, and still no card. So I'm a bit skeptical about what the agent said. Hopefully it's just their system not showing the most recent status.
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