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  1. Following the guide, I began to fill out the Application for a social Security card. I am a little confused though about the evidence of identity listed in the directions as he does not have any of those U.S documents. I imagine his passport is enough? Even thought the directions for the application state that they prefer U.S. documents.
  2. Can someone guide me to maybe a forum of what needs to be done after lover in in U.S?
  3. Is there a trick to checking the CEAC website because I am having a really hard time and I truly just want to book my fiance's flight already.
  4. approved!! I guess I am just waiting for my fiance to receive it now? Hopefully that will be soon.
  5. Hola a todos, estoy un poco confundido, de nuevo, pagué una cuota cuando hice la entrevista y sé que vamos a tener que pagar el examen médico. Mi pregunta es si vamos a tener que pagar algo nuevamente el día de la entrevista? Gracias
  6. Gracias. Piensas que esta bien que el mio es una semana antes?
  7. ¿Alguien sabe si la cita de ASC. debe pasar un par de días antes de la entrevista, el mismo dia o que?
  8. I do not know it this is a question for my sub forum but does anyone know if the ASC apt. should be a couple days before the Consular section apt. or does it not matter?
  9. I wasted so much of my life trying to upload the picture. It would not let me. I tried a week later and it accepted the exact photo that it told me was incorrectly sized
  10. @ACHH Lo siento, pensé que estabas hablando de la cita de la entrevista. No sé lo que debe llevar a la cita de huellas. ¡Buena pregunta!
  11. Thank you- do you think it will be okay that the blood work is scheduled only a day before the examination?
  12. Tengo una otra pregunta también- Mi pareja no tiene documentos de la historia de sus vacunas- hay otros aquí quien estuvieron en el mismo posición y que hicieron?
  13. So, my case say "ready" and I was able to make an interview date. I was wondering if I should contact the embassy to further try to correct the birthday error I had made for my beneficiary. I sent a email w/ evidence to the NVC and by mail to USCIS but have yet to receive any responses and now our petition is in Colombia. Thank you!
  14. Acabo de hacer a cita para la entrevista!! Quiero preguntar si quizás en unos días van abrir días mas tempranos? El día mas pronto que elegí es el 13 de Junio. No quiero esperar masssss!!!!
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