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  1. Good morning my people, please am kind worry about president Trump's proclamation that will make it so for immigrant visa applicants to demonstrate that they will be covered by health insurance within 30 days of entering the country or have the financial resources to pay for medical cost. My question is, Will this proclamation affect the K1 visa Applicant ? Which of the health insurance is he referring to, my country's Health insurance (as I am a Nigerian ) will I prove to the consulate officer ?
  2. My brother thank you so much for the information.
  3. Mine it's more than 4 weeks getting to 7 weeks no mail,no email from nvc, I then instruct my fiancee to call them. Which she did and get the case number from them,the first day we put the case number in,it says on transit after some days it start saying ready, that my case is ready for interview. Normally they suppose to send packet 4, for me up till now they haven't even my fiancee have not heard anything from them after she called them. Am kind of confused
  4. Please I want to know, did you call the NVC to get your case number ?
  5. It's for the k1 visa, they suppose to send instruction on how to prepare for the visa interview.
  6. Good evening everyone, I need a prompt reply to this, am really confused, my fiancee called NVC on September 5 2019 to ask for our case file, NVC told her that they have already created a case number to us even they just sent our file to U.S. consulate general Lagos Nigeria. But up till now we have not heard anything from the embassy, they have not send package 4 to us. And I have already book for k1 visa interview. Please, what do you think we should do at this moment ?
  7. Good evening everyone, please I need an urgent respond, on 5th of September my fiancee called NVC and ask for our case number, NVC give it to her straight and told her that they just ship our case file to Nigeria consulate at Lagos. But up till now we have not heard anything from the embassy in connection to our file and package 4, what should we do about it ? Prompt respond it's highly appreciated. 

  8. Pakidor


    Good evening everyone, please Does anyone know the next availability/round of k1 visa interview dates at the US embassy/consulate in Lagos ?
  9. So does it take too long to get NoA2 Thank You
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