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  1. @Nick27 Thank you for your response. I will prepare the same paper you mention .
  2. need help frinde:: my u.s sponsor filled I-134 Affidavit of Support and sent it with w-2 form and 1099 form is that enough?? and my interview in mid ofJune is there any problem with the time between fill and interview??
  3. @Shrouq615 am iraqi Beneficiary, living in jordan amman i have the same case you have (k1), if you need any help contact with me, am already sent message for you
  4. @JFH you mean uscis??? u.s consulate will ask for it in the interview.
  5. hello guys... am now preparing I-134 form, my american fiance does not qualified for i-134. in this case what should i do? I have american friend he told me he will sponsor me instead my fiance. is this action works?
  6. New update in my case, I called nvc non-immigrant line and they told me my case was received on march 18 and it will take up to 8 week to put it in the system . I hope it be fastest than i thought.😃⏩
  7. @Dpierre this is happy news for you😃😃 I will call non immigrant line to look for any update in my case.
  8. @FilAm24 Thank you for your help, so i can't doing anything just waiting the email ✉️.
  9. My case approved since 27 feb, and am waiting mail or email ( really i don't know what they send), I called them on march 13 and they said (we didn't receive your case so far ). my question is > any one know how much time it will take until NVC receive my case?? 😥