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  1. @IsabelleFredrick Yea... if you ever wanted to develop your craft, or talent for something, or practicing whatever skill you're good at that can become lucrative in the future, these 6 months is your chance. You can use these 6 months to be the best version of yourself. It really depends on your perspective and how you use your time. Some people see the idea of waiting 6 months and start to crumble, others see it and use it as an opportunity to shine. Rather than pouring their soul on a 9-5. The struggle may seem real and 6 months may be a long time, but in the grander scheme of things, it's not (in my opinion). It's through that struggle that you can become stronger, and your relationship can become tighter when you overcome that obstacle. Again, it's all about how you look at it.
  2. Thanks @payxibka .You make it sound so simple and that everything is going to be alright. I hope so. But yea, my fiance emailed them in February requesting an extension when the NOA2 was on the verge of expiring. They didn't respond and our case hasn't been updated on CEAC and it still shows as Ready. I'm guessing it automatically got extended when we couldn't make the interview. Would you recommend we send them another email this month informing them that we still wish to have our interview in the near future once my fiance gets employed, and thank them for extending our application? Or you don't think that would be necessary? I'm guessing you might know a thing or two about the embassy here in Kuwait
  3. Up to a year of its approval date or initial expiration date? Embassy is Kuwait.
  4. So our NOA2 expired in February. We emailed the embassy asking for an extension before it expired but we never got a response. This June would mark the end of the additional 4 months of the extension and my fiance is still unemployed. I was told by VJers that we don't need a response because its self explanatory and that they extend the NOA2 by default we have the interview. Our case status on CEAC still shows as "Ready". I guess I should word my question differently and ask, how long will our case status be shown as "Ready" for (assuming my fiance goes longer than expected without being able to find a job)? Is there a certain timeframe where our NOA2 can no longer be extended? How many more extensions can we get? We received our NOA2 on October of last year.
  5. Ok. If someone who actually knows the answer to my question can answer that would be great.
  6. I was informed by one of the members on this forum that the NOA2 has a validity of one year from the date of its approval. Is this true? And if it is, what happens if its been past a year and the interview our not been scheduled yet? Does our application get revoked and sent back to USCIS, or can we request an extension? Fyi: My NOA2 has been approved on October 2018 and we're not able to schedule an interview until my USC fiance is no longer unemployed.
  7. The fact that you've been to the countries on the "unsafe side" is more of a reason why you should disclose all of your travels, so it doesn't seem like you omitted this information on purpose. When you apply for ROC and naturalization, they will do an even more rigorous background check. If they see that you omitted this info, it might bite you in the behind or make the process more tedious than it already is, which you don't want. Just my opinion though. Do as you please
  8. I would list all of these countries just to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry.
  9. The EAD is STILL taking 5-6 months to be issued? 😕
  10. You don't need a tourist visa to enter DR if you're a US citizen so I'm a bit baffled. You said you still have residency in the US, but you can only apply for a K1 if the petitioner is a citizen not a legal permanent resident. Unless there's something I'm missing
  11. 😂😂🤣 Fair enough. I'll try my best to guess the dates as accurately as possible. Thank you again
  12. No I do not. That was more than a decade ago and it was my family that supported my tuition and travel costs so I don't exactly have a record of it. Ehh... I think I'll just play it safe and answer accurately by putting 11 years rather than guess and have misinformation potentially backfire. Thank you for your input @NikLR
  13. Thank you. I found the I94 website but it only will only view my departure and arrival history for the past 5 years. I have traveled in and out of the US well before the past 5 years. Is there another website that will let me view my travel history since 2004?
  14. Can you send me the link for this please? I've been googling but can't seem to find it. Sorry if I'm nagging you.
  15. But some of the stamps are really blurry and can hardly see the date. I don't wanna guess or put inaccurate information. Is there a way I can get a record of my travel history in and out of the US online? If not, will me just putting 11 years total (the time I was in status) instead of every time I traveled gonna be an impediment? I'm sure the embassy/USCIS/etc has a record of my travel history anyway.
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