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  1. I noticed the same thing too from reading the forums. Most if not all of them are those who filed I-944s too. Do you the rejection has anything to do with the information OP put on the I-944 (or lack thereof)? Maybe there's a certain criteria in the I-944 that you have to make, based on how much of a potential "public charge" you can be, which they never mention?
  2. Hi guys, I am finally in NYC with my love. So to answer my original question, yes they are still accepting K1 travelers. However, I wouldn’t keep waiting if you are on a K1 and want to travel to the US because you never know what might happen tomorrow. JFK airport was super empty. And I literally spent no longer than 15 minutes at POE. The customs officials were super friendly and professional, but I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get screened for the virus or get my temperature checked. Because in Kuwait they took my temperature before I entered the airport to make sure I can get on the flight. Anyway, regardless of the pandemic, people here seemed unphased by it, and it’s good to be in the good ol’ U S of A. PS: The embassy was the one who coordinated the flight with Kuwait Airways to JFK. I didn’t book online. I had to wait for Kuwait Airways to contact me after they received my information from the embassy. It wasn’t a flight that was available online.
  3. I have not been to any of the restricted countries. Thank you
  4. My flight is scheduled to depart tomorrow from Kuwait straight to JFK (no transits). My aunt told me however that the US is only accepting citizens or PRs at the moment, and that they will send me back at POE. Is this true? Can anyone confirm? Thank you.
  5. Hey there! I know this is off topic, but by this, does that mean the time it took for your AOS interview from the date of filing was 5 months? If so, is that the norm now? because I was told AOS could take up to 9-12 months.
  6. Thanks! So far I have indeed, linkedin, and monster. Any other websites?
  7. Hi, Which websites do guys use or recommend to look for jobs in the US? I’m looking for an entry level sales engineer or entry level business analyst position. Thank you
  8. Do I need to provide our marriage certificate with my AOS application (from K1), or can I use our marriage license and other proof that we got married? In New York state, the wait time to get a marriage certificate is 30 days. Being that the AOS and EAD/AP takes a lot of time as is, I don't wish to extend the wait period by an extra month.
  9. "DS-3025 Vaccination supplement (Vaccination Documentation Medical Worksheet)" So basically I need to take another vaccination upon my arrival to the US and the doctor will fill that form that I will attach to my AOS?
  10. Hi, I used to reside in the US as an F1 student; I have a SSN. I would like to get my latest credit score and credit report, but I've been having difficulty accessing any of the credit score websites on my laptop from my country (I haven't traveled to the US yet). Anytime I try to access websites like FTC, Experian, or Equifax, it would not grant me access to the check credit report/score features, because I am accessing from an international location. Has anyone here run into the same issue? Does anyone here know how to access their credit report and score internationally? Thanks in advance for your help
  11. Thanks guys. My state is New York. I’ll check their DMV website or call them in the morning to inquire.
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