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  1. You will absolutely need something to detail her current mental health. My gp wouldn't write the letter in time so I had them print out all the consultation notes which was fine but my history was only mild anxiety and depression caused by work/berevement. I would recommend she books an appointment with her Dr to discuss the situation, explain the visa and assess her current mental health. You need detailed in the letter previous issues (with dates), prognosis, treatment and the key thing is to say " is now not a harm to self or others". That line seems to be what they need. Beware it might take a couple weeks to get this written up as they'll need to look at her notes so do it in advance but not too far that it won't be relevant come the actual medical exam. Having an appointment is best as they can assess and be sure they're writing the truth (after all, it would be their medical expertise in question if they were wrong). A medical is valid for 6 months so if you are sitting at the 6 or 7th month mark, you could actually start getting it done now Hope this helps!
  2. For the k1, the next available is after 18th June last I looked. When you book, you can reschedule on the website. I changed my appointment date twice.
  3. Update- medical done and currently no further info needed. The lovely admin lady at my GP couldn't get the Dr to write a letter in time however she printed all my consultation notes regarding anxiety so they were able to read all the notes and it was fine. Huge relief! So if anyone struggles with getting a letter to confirm anxiety/depression status, if it's only mild, your consultation notes might be enough.
  4. My fiance only sent me the I-134, do i need a confirmation letter of employment and a pay slip too?
  5. I previously asked for a detailed email of dates/meds/treatment which is why they said it will take awhile. I've just emailed to request that they just do me a basic "has had a history of depression/anxiety but is not and has never been a harm to herself or others". I'd be much happier having something to hand and if they request more, they request more. (worth a try, right? ) I would have preferred to know on the embassy interview day whether it is approved or not but if it'll just be a case of getting the interviews out the way and then waiting for everything to go through, I think I'd rather do that now its all booked. Last I looked the next embassy interview was June 10th, now it could be longer. My anxiety was always work/bereavement related which is why its even more frustrating. arghh I'm so indecisive
  6. Mines at 10.30! Praying I wont have to change it, we really want a July wedding and i have to give 4 weeks notice at work. SO anxious especially with the worry of the GP letter hanging over me. I'm sitting here hitting refresh on my emails over and over waiting for them to reply.. Good luck! I think as long as all your paperwork is in order, you'll be fine.
  7. Hi all, My medical is on 21st and embassy interview on 31st. My Dr's surgery called today and said they will have my brief history ready for the medical but not a letter about the depression/anxiety history. I'm not sure at this point how long it will take. Should I reschedule the medical or go along without the letter? I imagine if i reschedule the medical, i will have to reschedule the interview and the next available is an extra 2-3 weeks after
  8. Dont forget the ACRO Cert, i didnt even know about that. it delayed me by 3 weeks( it was a abnk holiday so took longer than 10 days). Get that done now. and get the DS-160 form done too
  9. i haven't done the medical as i wasn't sure how to schedule it without the letter with instructions. i'm just getting my vaccines done at my GP to save money and time at the medical. Are the any documents i can go ahead and get ready now?
  10. It says ready and case last updated on 18th April but i haven't received anything by post. Should i wait for the letter or could i try scheduling now?
  11. package was sent from California to London on 2nd April and its now 24th and i haven't heard anything yet, is that normal? how long should it take for the embassy to receive and contact you? Having my vaccines done at my GP tomorrow in preparation for the medical- all 7 of them on my birthday
  12. And there was me thinking I was up to date! No, this is based off my vaccine records but its booked in for May 3rd. That seems a bit far away seeing as NVC was sent 2nd April. I would just wait for the medical but I don't think I could do 9 in one sitting.
  13. Finally got our case number on the 2nd. I contacted my Dr to get the vaccines before the medical so a) it'll be cheaper and b) i hate needles so getting it done before will relieve my anxiety for the medical.. My Dr says I need 9 injections! 9!? is that normal? there was me thinking i was all up to date with them Anyone know how long the London embassy wait for medical and interview is currently?
  14. Thank you all so much for your advice. I had one last option and my step mum agreed to use the average of my previous flights and give me that x3 to save stress. Great outcome, I can barely believe she agreed to it and I now know once the k1 is approved, that's that!
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