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  1. Sorry to bother you again but are you sure I don't need I-130? I'd that because we did it through K-1 visa? Trying to compile all the forms and stuff we need but even the step by step part is confusing. They don't make this even slightly easy and feeling pretty overwhelmed, sorry
  2. There are so many more bits to it tbh. He lives in a house he rents from his parents. They said "we support you in what makes you happy but we will not support a marriage so you have to pay more if you can afford to marry". So they don't know we already married so we don't have to pay them an extra $400, which clearly we don't have. He went through a stage of depression and one of his kids reacted badly to our engagement (he only recently told him because he knew he'd flip out) and said if he marries me, he'd be cut out of his life and never meet his future grandchildren.. He decided I should leave so he could build bridges with his kids So I contacted my employer in UK. I said I'd be coming back, can I work again. They're waiting for me to come back now so option A means I'll have to apologise and tell them in now not coming back. Edit- and then obviously changed his mind when he realised none of his kids even asked him how he was doing or checked on him after his cancer surgery and that I was there every day showering him, cooking, cleaning etc. When they seemingly didn't care. His mum didn't check in with him either! One of his kids was playing golf the day of his surgery rather than being there for him! 🙈 On top of that, I need dental treatment. I have UK insurance but I have to pay a clinic here, then get reimbursed, again we don't have the money to do that. And my granddad has dementia and I'd like to see him again, I don't think he will last past 6 months. The most complicated situation ever! Ideally, we go AOS route and get expedited AP but I don't know where to start 😩
  3. So it pretty much sounds like my only real option is to apply AOS asap or face being banned and/or denied an Esta and not being able to come until the CR-1 is processed?
  4. Thank you, I think this is the best option If successful expediting, so you get advanced parole document as well as EAD? I have a job in UK to go to and id rather do that than work in USA right now as I can't drive here and wouldn't be able to get to a job
  5. That is brutal.. Yeah, I kinda thought it might be the case if he does file for bankruptcy that we'd need another sponsor. He has a great job, it's just the medical bills coupled with paying $1200 a month for his daughter college and him not working left him broke. This is going to be a hard decision! Thank you
  6. Eeek, the 90 days ended early October. We should have married before the surgery but he was having radiotherapy and it was a stressful time. So I'm out of status currently, I guess. Will that also be a problem filing for CR1? Technically, overstayed? Yeah that's why I thought it better to file AOS as we could file it before he files for bankruptcy, but again money is an issue. Thank you so much, he's doing great 😊
  7. Wow.. How long is the CR-1 taking currently? We've already done K-1 but waiting another 6 months to be able to travel out of US or work is going to be hard for us
  8. So I entered with K1 visa on July 4th and we married Sept 30th (cut it fine but partner was dealing with recovering from cancer surgery). Because if the medical bills and him not working for 11 weeks, money is tight. We've discussed me going back to work in UK to save and go for the CR1 visa instead of applying for AOS. I know that seems crazy as we already went through the long stressful k1 and it would be another 9-12 months wait but financially it makes sense to us. I'd be able to come back and buy a car and support us. It's also the cabin fever driving me crazy as I don't get to go out unless we go shopping and I don't have any friends here. Also, because of the medical bills, he's planning on filing for bankruptcy. Will this effect the cr1 if we go down that route? What should we do? Any experience doing k1 AND CR1?
  9. I flew in 4th July, no landing card, you go to the visa/first trip queue and hand over documents. They might ask a couple of the questions. Was easier and quicker coming on in the K-1 than it has been every other trip
  10. Same! 21 years between us(petitioner older) and it was never mentioned at all and it all went through the same timing as similar filers timelines
  11. Yup! it didnt worry me too much, if its approved, its approved. try not to worry it bet it will be the same
  12. same thing happened to me. It didn't change to AP at all, it stayed like this until it changed to ISSUED a week later for context- interview 31st May, status changed to Issued Friday 7th, in hand Monday 10th.
  13. I had a rude one too. In all the reviews, everyone seemed to have lovely warm COs. It felt very much like an interrogation for me and took me back as I was expecting a friendly person. Answers were cut off too, I think they are just matching up your answer with the data they have on file to hunt for discrepancies. Mine was approved and took a week to get issued and sent to the courier. I know it's going to be a painful wait for you but the fact that all the evidence they need for the package was kept, it sounds like you have a good chance. The way I see it, they don't want to catch us out, it's their job to find the fraudsters. As long as the paperwork is all in order and the relationship valid, be confident that they will see that.
  14. You can call them up and ask for an update. I had paid for a 10 Day one but 4 days in upgraded it and paid the £35. Unfortunately, it was a bank holiday the week after some it actually didn't make much difference haha If there is alot of background checks, it maybe taking awhile?
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