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  1. Hi there! I answered 'no' to any history of mental health disorder, but I also took my referral/dismissal letters with me and had a note from my GP that just said in general that I was of good physical and mental health. At my medical exam, the doctor didn't even mention it and didn't ask for any of the letters I had brought! I was the one who brought it up (I wanted to be completely honest about everything!) and he read the letters/we discussed what had happened. He said he was perfectly happy that I was of sound mental health and happy to sign me off as such, after recording our discussion in his notes. I think it was because there was no formal diagnosis of anything and my GP had vouched that I was healthy, as well as me having no history of mental health issues. I would say go prepared, but you'll probably find it's not even brought up during your appointment. Best of luck!
  2. How are you feeling now you've had a bit longer for it all to sink in? Are things starting to calm down for you at all?
  3. Congratulations!! I'm in that 'getting teary about leaving home' phase currently, as I start getting rid of all the stuff I won't be taking with me!
  4. Not until October! I wanted to get things sorted as soon as possible so I could try and save money on booking flights etc, but it's a bit like being in limbo at the moment -- I've been so focused on getting the visa that I can't really wrap my head around the fact I've got it and I can stop worrying about it.
  5. I've been wondering how anyone who had a medical or embassy interview in London yesterday/today has fared. Public transport is hell on Earth right now. Still, congrats on the medical completion - just the final hurdle now!
  6. Thank you -- I know! I was expecting it to be in AP for a few weeks, but my passport and visa have been delivered today!
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share -- I had my interview on Monday and today our CEAC status has changed to 'Issued'. I'm hoping to have my visa in had by the start of next week. Thank you so much to everyone who has answered my questions and helped me out through the journey so far -- it's the only way I've coped! Off to write my embassy review now!
  8. Crikey -- I have no idea where any of my previous passports are. I last renewed mine in 2016, which definitely has previous trips to the States on it. I'll have a hunt this week but I have a horrid feeling it's long since disappeared!
  9. Thank you -- I know I'm overthinking everything. I just cannot wait until this whole process is over! ... and we have to start the AOS process.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, everyone. I really appreciate it. Think I'm just about ready!
  11. I'm really not 100% sure so I don't want to give you any misinformation, but I have also seen that a copy of the I-134 is acceptable. I had my fiance send me an original with a wet signature just in case because I'm a worrier and it was the only way to shut me up!
  12. Thank you! I've got my engagement ring and a few screenshots of our WhatsApp conversations, as well as a couple of pictures of us (although we sent most of the photos of us together with the original application an have only seen each other once since then!)
  13. So, I've got my interview scheduled for Monday and, predictably, I'm an anxious mess. I've been through the required documents list on the London embassy website multiple times, and I just wanted to run through my checklist here so I've got a second (third, fourth...) pair of eyes on it: Passport Four US passport style photos Certified copy of my long form birth certificate (and photocopy) ACRO police report (and photocopy) I-134 with wet signature (and photocopy) Supporting evidence for I-134; petitioner's 2018 tax return (federal and state), two recent payslips; a letter from his bank confirming its balance and total deposits from the last year; letter from employer confirming wage and full time employment status Print out of payment/confirmation of embassy appointment and courier page Print out of DS-160 confirmation I do also have copies of our I-129F, NOA2, receipt for my medical and evidence of our ongoing relationship, but from what I can tell, none of this is needed for London. Have I missed anything from my list? Thanks so much.
  14. Thank you so much -- you've put my mind at ease.
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