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  1. yes, but bring a copy of everything you submitted for the 485. In case they ask, very often they dont. And the reason you need copies is so you dont have to hand them the originals
  2. Hi, Just wanted to tell that I had a very smooth AOS interview this Monday, they only asked about normal things like where we were born, about our job situation and a few questions about how we met and decided to get married. Didnt ask for any documents, think it took 15 minutes in total (after the waiting time ofc) Half an hour after the interview my status online was updated to approved and today I was notified that my card is being sent to me! so looks like things are moving again, at least more than I was expected from Miami office after checking their processing times😴 Wish you all the best luck with your upcoming interviews! its gonna be fine!
  3. Hi! I received the letter with my interview yesterday, scheduled for November 16th. Very happy to finally get here, specially since the processing times for Miami is saying 12 to 35 months right now. I was planning to go to my home country a few days after that date, do any of you know if I will be fine travelling with my EAD card even though the interview will change my status? (hopefully) , or any other kind of processing that might could happen after the interview? Hang in there !! best, Ellen
  4. oh, I already got my card. I was just responding to a question about how long it took for me to receive the ssn. 😉 And youre right, if it doesnt show up youll need to re-apply. all the best!
  5. Yep, but like I said, they couldnt enter any database or any info about me without the SSnumber. which I ofc didnt had and was the reason I called
  6. yeah it kinda stressed me too , I ended up calling them without much help (they couldnt check anything without my SSN haha!) but was told because of the covid- situation things takes a lot longer. And I think the usps is struggling too, so lets just hope youll see the envelope in a couple of weeks 🥰
  7. From I received it. It took only a few days from the approval to the card was in my mail box. But then over a month before the ssn card came:)
  8. Yes, as long as you asked for it in the i-765(which I read you did) it should come on its own . Sometimes it doesnt, then you'll need to contact them directly. But everything takes more time now- so it could take like in my case, several weeks
  9. One week! And they kept sending notes about everything, like "your card was picked up at the uscia" and "your card was delivered in your mailbox today"
  10. COngrats! I did the same thing for my SSN but still waiting. Its about one and a half week since I got my EAD. I tried to call them about it, but the they needed my SSN to check me up. 🙃Soooo Im just gonna give it some more time, blame the rona. If it doesnt show up, the USCIS says you have to go to your local office, but at least where I live theyre not open for public yet.
  11. oh, I dont believe this! I faxed the proof for my expedited EAD this morning, and got the approval and "card is being produced" notice now this afternoon! I had a job offer, and wrote a very honest letter where I also informed them that my husband was back at work after being furloughed for a while. I also included their own green card processing information from where I live which says 21-44 months, and that all I wanted was to start working, paying bills and taxes. I added a copy of our lease too. one question, The emails and the login page only shows the approval for the I-765, nothing about the I-131. Thats normal or what? Do they automatically include the AP? I cant thank this group enough for inspiration to give it a try! hope everybody gets good news soon!🤗
  12. Wow, thats awesome. Can I ask if you requested with anything more than a job offer?
  13. I talked with the USCIS contact centre yesterday, and she told me the processing time for the EAD application now is 6-8 months. Didnt it used to be 3-4? Im starting to think , or at least hope, my green card might show up first.... but its already the end of May soon, so before we know it 6-8 months has passed! hang in there all of you!
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