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  1. Lankyshakes

    Affidavit of Support Evidence?

    Thank you Paige. I hope yours turned out favourably!
  2. Lankyshakes

    Affidavit of Support Evidence?

    K1 VISA Hey all. I finally got my interview date set for April 2nd 2019. I just had a couple of questions for you. Is our evidence provided with the I-134 Affidavit of Support sufficient? We have last year’s itemized tax return including W2, payslips for the last three months + a signed statement on company letterhead from a superior denoting job title, income + all the details. My other question is that are there any other fees on the day of interview? We already paid £330 for the medical and the $265 MRV fee online when scheduling. Thank you for any assistance. ❤️
  3. Lankyshakes

    DS-160 Fees confusion?

    Your “help” isn’t needed. I thank those that actually help, not those who post generic links to obvious information. Enjoy your easy life, sir.
  4. Lankyshakes

    DS-160 Fees confusion?

    Thanks for a completely irrelevant link to something unrelated to my question. (And I already read that months ago.)
  5. Lankyshakes

    DS-160 Fees confusion?

    The only letter I’ve received was a confirmation of my petition being forwarded to my consulate. (Post NVC stage) that was over a month ago and I’ve received nothing else.
  6. Lankyshakes

    DS-160 Fees confusion?

    Good afternoon, all. I just completed my DS-160 yesterday but wasn’t prompted to pay any fee to process it. I have no idea when, where or how to pay. Nobody on the internet based in the UK can come to a general consensus on wether you pay the fees at the consulate on the day of interview, via one of several different websites, or by cheque sent via mail! I’m also at a loss as to wether the $265 visa fee and the DS-160 filing fee (MRV) of $160 are one and the same or completely seperate fees. Thanks for any assistance on this. (Shout out to the London Consulate’s customer service team for being utterly unhelpful, rude and evasive on the matter)
  7. Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it.
  8. Is that really true? I’ve had no information in the slightest that would tell me to submit that yet.
  9. Hey all; our approved I-129f petition was approved in December. The NVC then forwarded it to my embassy in London on January 22nd. They said it could take several weeks, and I’ve still heard nothing from them. (Apparently they’ll contact you when they’re ready to continue?) Our problem with this is that our petition expires in March and we haven’t the faintest idea when a medical, final interview, DS-160 and actual visa filing fees are gonna fit into that short time space. The embassy website is extremely unhelpful with their contact form (haven’t responded for weeks) and they, quote; “Don’t take phone calls”. Does anyone have any advice? It’s another weird roadblock where we’re sat doing nothing. We’ve gathered affidavit of support documents and scheduled shots, obtained medical records and the police certificate. I appreciate any help with this.
  10. Hey all. Our I-129f was finally approved after 8 arduous months on December 14th. Do any of you have advice on things to check off whilst I’m waiting for the NVC to assign us a case number and send the instruction packet? Should I get my police records/medical records gathered? Also I’ve never had any vaccinations in my life. Thanks for any advice!
  11. Hey all. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what the expected processing time for an RFE is right now? K1 visa at the California center We got an RFE for the smallest thing a few weeks ago, and they received the evidence back on December 1st. Thank you for any help and advice...
  12. Lankyshakes

    RFE processing time?

    I didn’t use any I-94, I used a travel ESTA waiver. Do you think they’d accept the stamp of entry I gained when landing at Atlanta? It’s the only thing that’s displays the year.
  13. Does anyone here have any insight into how long an RFE will take to process at the moment? We got an RFE for the lousiest reason (Plane ticket didn’t display the YEAR of travel. None do that) We plan to send the evidence back on Monday and any estimates based on experience would be appreciated. It’s all getting a little depressing.
  14. I’ve heard a lot of people wait to gather documents until they get NOA2. However we just got an RFE because the plane tickets didn’t have a YEAR on them. (Which is retarded. No plane tickets display the year of travel.) So while I try and fix that, I’m thinking about going to get my DS-160 police certificate, medical records and a few other things gathered. Is that advisable? Thank you for any help.
  15. Here’s a brief summary of our situation. We met online in 2015 playing Xbox live together. I’m in the U.K and he’s in the USA. After flirting and talking about long distance relationships for a while, we knew we wanted a life together. so we committed to a long distance relationship with the intent to marry in June 2017. I’m not rich and neither is he. So after scraping together enough money (about $2000) for a visit to the USA we spent time together and did everything we needed for the I-129f (take pictures together, written statements etc.) We spend hours together each day, on Xbox, FaceTiming, messaging because that’s the best we can do. Would there be any reason to deny us based on only meeting in person once? Thank you in advance for any help.