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  1. also NVC does not have any information...still can't get in, but I'm glad @Sea Leslie was able to get access hopefully it means the rest of us will be able to get in soon.
  2. Does anyone know if NVC will give an update if we call? We are waiting for the visa to be issued...would they have that information?
  3. Hi friends, Can anyone check if you're able to view your visa status this morning? When I enter the CAPTCHA the system comes with "The code entered does not match the code displayed on the page." even thought is does match. I tried using different browsers but the same issue persists. I'm hoping it will be back to normal by tomorrow...our visa should be issued soon! THANKS!
  4. Nope, it shouldn't cost you your visa. At your interview make sure to let the officer know of the mistake, you'll have your passport there with the correct date.
  5. Hey! Congrats! My case was received on the 25th and I got the case number yesterday, so one week. However, there are some individuals on here who are getting case numbers really fast, like within 3 days. So maybe start calling on Tuesday and then every day after that until you get it. On the days I called at exactly 9am EST I got through to a person within 5 minutes. Yesterday I called them at around 11am EST and it took me over 45 minutes to get through.
  6. We were assigned a case number today! Exactly one week after our case was received at the NVC. So excited about the next steps, really didn't think things would be moving so quickly!!
  7. Hi everyone! I am currently going through the K1 process with my Colombian fiancé. He happens to live in Israel so we are having to translate a few of his documents since they are in Spanish and Israel is not a Spanish speaking country. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has a translation into English of the CERTIFICADO DE ANTECEDENTES? Obviously without any personal information. I am doing the translation of the documents and it would be really helpful to see what the legal wording looks like in English. I've attached the part that I'm wondering about. Thank you so much!
  8. Thanks y'all! I'm gonna get to work on the documents!
  9. Hi friends! I have to have some of my fiancé's documents translated. I'm wondering what your experience is with online translations that just send a pdf of translation and certification. There are a few companies here in town but they charge up to three times as much. Do I need the translation with a wet signature or is the online one ok? Thanks!
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