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  1. thank you. so i have to get divorce ready the time i submit to remove condition. if i apply divorce i worry that uscis will treat the case that i am the faulty
  2. do i need to have divorce by the time i apply to remove condition to my green card? what if the divorce not complete by that time? i read that if she sign the petition with me then uscis will ask for divorce decree since we are separate? thanks
  3. my wife said that she will apply for divorce once she has enough money for lawyer or maybe she will file bankruptcy so she don't need to pay but i told her you don't need that money when you initiate the divorce i will approve for you. I want to ask do i need to have divorce paper at the time i apply to remove condition to me green card? what if she didn't apply divorce by that time? what are my options? thank you.
  4. I have rented a place recently and i have job. But i wanted to know what are my rights because my spouse asked me to leave the appartment. She said she will apply divorse but she did not. It seems to me like she is delaying the divorse.
  5. Hi all I had an issue with my spouse the US Citizen and she asked me to leave the house and to remove my name from appartment lease. And she forced me to remove my name by not paying the rent while i was not in the property for a while. Could you tell me what should i do? What i know is that the sponsor should provide support to the spouse but let does not. I have a 2 years green card and now she said she will apply for divorse. Please let me know your advise. Thank you.
  6. Hey, question, when you got DQ, NVC sent you the interview date? Or you booked it yourself online? 

    I'm applying for Cr1 visa, got my Interview ketter today fom embassy with interview date. But I haven't received packet 3..interciew is in 3 weeks only. Thanks 

  7. Hello I have been in the USA for 1.5 month on immigrant visa and still did not received my green card. I requested uscis for status through myuscis account massege system but they always said that to wait 120. Also my immigrant fees has been paid before i came here. Any one have an idea please? Thank you.
  8. Hi all. I received my immigrant CR1 Visa without immigrant packet but there is a paper with the passport which says that US CBP and uscis will access the IV documents online also in the visa is written under annotation that "IV DOC IN CCD". Is this common now? Has anyone had similar visa? Thanks
  9. just provide what they ask for they will approve your visa.
  10. Yes my wife sent it to me. At NVC stage they just approved tax return because it says tax return or transcript. The officer said they dont accept tax return anymore.
  11. Hello. After the interview the US embassy called me and asked for tax transcript for my spouse. However we submitted earlier tax return to NVC and was approved. Has anyone had similar situation? Thank you
  12. Hi my wife live in usa and i am in uae. I been with her in usa 3 times and she visited me here 2 times. We dont have joint bank account as we dont live in same place but she add me to her health insurance and i received card. The consul was interested about messenger chat and got it and seen photo album but didnt want to keep it and didnt want to see email. The temporary refusal asks for more evidence of relationship but the consul ask to wait for review. I am working now to get more evidence of chatting and photos. Please advise me
  13. Hi all, unfortunately my visa was temporarily refused today and consular gave me blue receipt and ask me to wait for their review. In the receipt he tick the box to provide more evidence of relationship such as photos, chat, emails, etc, I am going to submit additional evidence of relationship next week. is this normal practice? please advice as i am sock right now? when i checked online it shows administrative processing.
  14. Thank you so much for taking time helping me. I will try to apply SSA with my stamped immigrant visa. How i should not need re entry permit if i will be back in 6 month? By that time my immigrant visa will be already expired so i need authorization from immigration to enter usa again after 6 months. The reason thay i need to go bqck is that i dont have secured job in usa yet and i work currently in UAE. I need to get some more money. Also my health condition do not permit now that i do lower job which need hard activity. So if i want to go back from usa after my 2 or 3 weeks stay and didnt receive green card yet how i will be back to usa? By there way my wife will be receiving the green card in our address.
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