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  1. Hello everyone, I’m new on this thread. I-130 PD Aug 24, 2018, NSC I-130 Approval July 12, 2019 waiting for my case to be transferred to NVC to start this journey.
  2. Thank you!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 @portorusa. The long wait is over...After waiting 300 days. I just couldn’t sit and do nothing. The I-129F seems to help speed up decision making on an I-130 case from all the cases I’ve read on. Some folks get lucky with their cases sent to Potomac and they get a decision within 3-4 months, others are expediting their cases, some are contacting their congressmen/women to help push their cases, I decided to try out the I-129F route, a legal and free option and boom💥 , it worked like magic! 😁😁😁 If only I knew about this earlier, I would have done so right after I received my I-130 NOA1.
  3. Hello August filers, I received an email today that my case has been updated so I checked my USCIS account online. My I-130 PD, Aug 24th, 2018. On July 12th, 2019 my case was approved. Finally💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Nebraska Service Center! I filed an I-129F, my priority date for I-129F is Jun 21st, 2019. There are are no updates online for the I-129F but I have no doubt the filing of the I-129F helped speed up my process. Good luck to everyone waiting.
  4. okay thanks, good to know. I hope they speed up a bit. This wait is killing us all.
  5. Oh yes, that use to happens to me all the time, coworkers and friends always asking, I started telling them it can take up to 2 years so they will stop asking me about it. No body outside this process will understand. Can’t wait to be done with this process. It is so draining.
  6. PD is Aug 24th, this wait is so difficult. Especially seeing other service centers process cases faster. 1 year is a very long time to wait just for the I-130 approval. When we started we expected approval within 8 months, but now it is 1 year. Every day is a tough day just waiting. 2.5 to 3 more months of waiting to go. Praying for strength for all Nebraska filers because this is not fair! Let's stay strong.
  7. congratulations, glad to see they are starting to work on June files.!!
  8. It feels like they’ve been stuck on May files since the beginning of this year seriously. 😕
  9. Nebraska is still working through April/May files. For August filers I anticipate we’ll hear something by July. Nebraska is currently taking 11+ Months for NOA2/RFE. Sad but that’s our reality. My PD is 8/24/2018 All the best, 3 more months of waiting.
  10. Thanks . How i wish my case was routed to Texas, . I live and Texas and still don't understand why my case was sent to Nebraska, so sad. I'll be here watching everyone else get approved and move on to NVC processing and interviews and will still be stuck waiting for an I-130 approval from Nebraska. At the rate Nebraska is going right now. It could take 12+ months for an i-130 approval. Happy for the Potomac and Texas filers, its just unfortunate for us Nebraska filers. Anyways, it is what it is!! ###### luck everyone.
  11. so why is Nebraska not moving at all??????????? It will be encouraging to see some movement but it appears they are just stuck!!! Urgh... For the past 4 months they have been stuck on April/May... why????
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