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  1. Hi just to share, I had a long wait for any feedback from USCIS & had an RFE Date my application was received by USCIS: December 9, 2019 Date package was sent back: January 9, 2020 Date received in the mail: anywhere between January 13 to 15 (I didn't check our mailbox because it was snowing lol) Date application was re-sent to USCIS: January 17 Another round of waiting for me.... although I hope I did everything right this time
  2. Hi @Sarge2155! Nice to see you here Not a good end of 2019 and start of the year for me in terms of my AOS application Submitted 12/5/19 Delivered by USPS 12/9/19 Still no word, email, sms or credit card transaction from USCIS until now 😢
  3. Hang in there @Sarge2155 You & Aida are near the finish line... Thanks for the insights! Your patience is admirable
  4. Thank you, @payxibka @Hank_ @Lola Lolo
  5. Thank you @payxibka! Just to clarify, I am done with my interview at US embassy, but it's ok to inform them at POE?
  6. Hi @Hank_, my fiancé had his previous address on our visa application papers. He has now transferred to an apartment for us in preparation for my arrival on August. Do we still need to file a COA Change of Address?
  7. I'm happy for you, @John & Rose 🙂 Have a safe trip on the 16th!
  8. I'm with you on this! The guards at the USE allow people to enter 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment so being there an hour early would be beneficial, but nothing more than 1 hour of standing in line outside especially now that it's the rainy season.
  9. Hi @Zach2015 we had the same interview schedule ☺️ I'm sure she finished faster if she arrived much earier than I did. I'm not a morning person so arriving 25 minutes before our appointment was the best I could manage 😜 Congrats also to both of you! I hope we get our visas the soonest!
  10. Correction: We left the embassy around 9:30am USCs who accompanied their fiancées were seated together in one section. 99% of the time they just had to wait. When it's their fiancée's turn to be interviewed they stood beside them but were asked to be seated. CO said they will be called when needed. There was a playpen for small kids to keep them occupied. Nannies were allowed which were helpful to those who brought their babies or toddlers. Imagine having to make sure you brought all the necessary documents, answering the interviewer's questions with a level head while carrying a squirming or sometimes crying infant or toddler!
  11. Not everyone who had small kids were sent to the expedite counter. There were those who got interviewed at the "regular" counters (not sure how to call them) But yeah, nannies/companions were allowed for the small kids & the elderly
  12. Hi, I want to share my experience in case someone can benefit out of this. I'm thankful to those who shared their experiences with the medical & interview at the USE. The information and tips are very helpful which made my experience as hassle free as possible. Shared my review also in my Timeline (can't edit the grammatical errors though 😜) ▪️US EMBASSY INTERVIEW▪️ June 27, 2019 6:45am Arrived at the US embassy with my daughter at around 6:20am. I saw the guards asking people with 7am appointments to line up. There were a handful of inquisitive vendors who were actually helpful & reminded that mobile phones & chargers are not allowed inside. They were hoping I'll pay them to safekeep my gadgets. Didn't need to cos I left my phone at home. I went right to the front with my daughter & was directed by the guard to line at the counter where they check applicants' DS160 (first page only) and passports which they placed in a plastic, bio page at the bottom. The staff asked me to do the same with my daughter's passport. Then asked me to go to line 3 which was quite long. Note: Always have your DS160 on hand since they ask for it at every stage. At line 3 the staff put a sticker with a barcode on my DS160 form before we can proceed to security check. Notes: - The code starts with a letter which will dictate in what section you will be seated once you enter the building. - Make sure you don't bring any mobile device, gadget, charger, food or drink to avoid any hassle and delay at the security check - For your convenience, it is advisable to place your documents in a transparent envelope so you can easily see where everything is and get it out when needed. From security check we proceeded to go inside the embassy. Once you enter, there's another security check after which you can look for the section (the letter on the sticker on your DS160) where you should be seated to await your turn in prescreening. A staff will advise when your row of seats can stand in line for the prescreening counters. While seated, it would be best to prepare your passport properly placed inside the plastic, your DS160 form, original PSA issued birth certificate, cenomar & NBI clearance. ~Prescreening Interview: Counter 39 ~ The Filipino interviewer asked for my DS160 & our passports. Then she asked for the original copies of my birth certificate, cenomar, NBI clearance and medical exam result from SLEC. She asked me to state my full name and date of birth. Then she proceeded to read the information on the following which I just had to confirm by answering yes or no: * My daughter's name and birth date * Name of my petitioner * Petitioner's home address * Petitioner's date of birth * How did we meet? * If he was previously marred & how many * If I was previously married * If I was married to my daughter's father * Petitioner's work & where * If I work * Have I traveled abroad? Where? * When was the last time we saw each other? She then stated my complete home address & mobile number & advised me not to change it to make sure I receive communication from the embassy. She also confirmed that I brought our photos together. No questions for my daughter. She then instructed me to proceed to finger scanning counter where the line was again long, around 35 people in line, so we were asked to be seated. If you are near your turn you have to be vigilant so others who don't know any better won't skip the line to get ahead of you & you can tell them to go to the end of the line. At the finger scanner, the American lady asked for my DS160 form then instructed me to place the 4 fingers of each hand together and press them firmly on the scanner, then both thumbs together. After this, we proceeded to the long line for the interview by the CO. ~ Final Interview: Consular Officer inside the room (pretty American woman) ~ I can't recall the number of the counter but we were lucky to get the room which afforded some privacy, and we got to have seats unlike the others who just stood in front of the counter. CO asked my daughter and I to raise our right hands and swear to tell the truth, etc. She said hi to my daughter who just smiled and waved hello. The CO asked me to state my full name, date of birth, my daughter's name & date of birth. She turned to my daughter and asked, "Is she really your mother?" We all laughed a bit, and she quipped, "Just checking." Questions asked in no particular order: * Name of my petitioner * Petitioner's age & date of birth * How did we meet? * Who introduced us to each other? (asked me to elaborate a bit on this) * In what state he lived * Where he worked & what he did for a living * How old we both were * How many times he visited? * When was the last time we were together? * How come it was that long since then? (he last visited Aug 2018 but I told her he will be arriving in July 2019 ) CO said, "That's nice." * Has he ever been married before? Divorced? How many times? * What’s the name of his ex wife? * If he had any kids? How many & their ages * How long were they married? * Have I been married before? The CO did not ask for any supporting documents. She said all our papers seem to be in order, handed me the pamphlets and discussed what are those about. She told me to wait for my visa after 2-4 weeks. She advised me to make sure I register my address via the website or by calling the call center. Hopefully I get my passport and visa in 4 weeks or less. The whole appointment process took a lot of patience, and I was sleepy while waiting & got quite thirsty since I'm used to frequently drinking water. Anyway I just waited until we exited the building to buy bottled water at the only vendor at the embassy. Proceeds of the purchase (45 pesos which was expensive) go to charity. We exited the building at around 8:30am. I consider myself blessed to get a nice CO who interviewed us. The advice I would give to those preparing for their interview is make sure all your documents are in order (PSA issued birth certificate, cenomar & NBI clearance) & have the other documents on hand in case they ask to see them (affidavit of support, photos together, etc). Special thanks to @Hank, @Greenbaumfor answering all my questions & to @apple21 for the advice!
  13. To have a positive perspective, I think she's at the stage she finds relationships yucky and vows she will never get married 😂 Interview is scheduled tomorrow and I'm getting really nervous 💓 Thanks @greenbaum & @apple21!
  14. The thing is they actually met when he visited us at home (aside from the time the 3 of us stayed in a hotel & attended a relative's wedding) . But my daughter has this devil may care attitude and she wants to answer everything with "I don't know" which makes me worried about the possible outcome of our interview
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