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    We met on Facebook 6 months later had our first visit for 30 day went back went back for 2 months and planned our wedding got married in April had to come back to file I-130 returned for 4 months then back to the states for 4 months waiting for interview at manila now... returning to PI soon to bring my wife home to USA

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  1. Yes until i have the results that i do not have tb. My tst , chest xray are all negitive so i dont undersrand this so i will pay to have an igra done by thr health dept to see if there is or is not tb in my blood. My wife has had 8 culture smears all negitive and 3 negitive cultures. Never has there been any positve to indicate tb other than a suspition because of a scar on her lung that was already dismissed by pulmoligist befofe we could get her visa
  2. Upon entry you are only given a conditional greencard good for 2 years then you must apply for perment green card. With conditions removed. Cdc does not accept tst for immigrants only igra sience nov 2018
  3. Correct misselman . Its called removal of conditions... but the co said aos
  4. Jfh we have not been married for 2 years yet so its cr for 2 years
  5. My wife has started treatment and is very sick from the side effects . And we dont want to subject our 5 year old to that if there is no reason for it.
  6. Ok we are in need of some assistance!! My wife and daughter both had their exams in Manila April of this year daughter was cleared and wife had to do sputum test 2 months later we have her cleared with no tb . We got visas and came to USA June 21st with no problem at Poe Atlanta CO read everything and said welcome to America gave us a paper showing when to apply for AOS. July 20th I received a panicked phone call from our local health department saying that we need to come in immediately for follow up that they believe my wife has tb...sooo we end our family visit in Pennsylvania and return to Georgia. They do not have the test results from SLMEC showing no tb in her previous sputum test!!!! Sooo they decided that she needs to do again here we had 3 negative smears but still need to wait for culture results to prove no tb. My wife is now house quarantined while we wait they are also making her take treatment for tb as a precaution. We were told if we refused she would lose her Visa or risk be put in medical prison!?!? For forced treatment... Now they are requesting that me and my daughter undergo contact treatment (still no sputum culture results) if we refuse treatment we will be turned into children services for child endangerment... my daughter is only 5 . We cant seem to get any help can anyone tell me where we can get some help please.. my wife and daughter are from the Philippines and both have had a bcg vaccine so they will always show positive skin test but the health department here will not accept that fact.. I am going to pay now to have IGRA on all of us to show that we are not infected but they are still saying that we may still have to do treatment???
  7. Ok here we go again!!!

    Has anyone else had to be quarantined for tb 1 month after entry in USA? We had all clear after sputum at slmec and were to no further needed to be done. Onw 1 month after entry health department calls us and says we need to come in to review and now we are quarantined because they say we were not cleared by slmcec.  But we have the stamp in passport and the vaccination done. Everyone we visited here now have to be tested and the flights to here also. Has anybody else ever heard about this??? Help please 

  8. When I first started this visa process I was really worried about not having a transcript as I am retired and according to IRS pub 501 I was not required to file fed income tax for the last 5 years. All I did in CEAC was place a explanation letter in place for transcripts and also in the place for letter of explanation for not filing taxes. And I also included my ssa1099s and a copy of the Irs publication . It was all accepted by NVC and the US Embassy in Philippines.. Approved visas without a question about support..
  9. Congratulations to both of you. 

    1. Heri4me2


      Thank You 

  10. Hi guys, we are here in manila now and have our interviews set for tomorrow morning... if you wait won't you have to get new medical and other things renewed? Our medical were only good for 6 months for my daughter and 3 months for my wife because of sputum test. I was told that the visas will be start dated for the day of the medical and we have 6 months for the visa to expire from the start date of medical exam.
  11. We just finished our daughters medical at slec on the 3rd of April and after immunization we went to 1st floor and were given her sealed envelope to carry to the Usem
  12. Mine was complete at NVC 03/11/2019 received by USEM 03/13/2019.
  13. Mine went from nvc to Manila as soon as I registered the mailing address at Manila.. interview date April 8
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