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  1. I got the letter exactly a week after the case status was updated online via egov. I try to gather all information that I can early on to reduce pressure. My husband doesn't like to see me stressed out😂 And my EAD card will be delivered today! I received an email from USPS(I signed up for informed delivery) and USCIS also provided a tracking number online. Here's a screenshot of the interview letter ( Page 1) sans my personal information. I thought it might help you more😀
  2. Yay!😀 My interview is scheduled on 9/8. I have received the letter in the mail and it also included a list of requirements to bring to the interview. I still have copies of what I've sent when I applied for AOS. I will bring that plus original and photocopies of NOA 1/NOA2's of AOS and EAD/AP. I will also include new Facebook posts and pictures including families and friends. New pay stubs for hubby plus updated bank statements etc. to show commingling in our finances. I will also receive my EAD card tomorrow, we are scheduled to go to SSA on Monday to update my name and get a new Social Security card. Once that done, I will go get a state id. In my original submission, I've included colored printed copies of 2 Facebook posts(each month since I arrived here including our wedding photos - July 2019 thru February 2020. I will screenshot 2 posts from March through September. I have started to compile everything and will double check everything a week before the interview to make sure I covered everything. Praying for a positive, smooth and fast interview experience for us and to every K1 processing AOS!
  3. Just want to share some good news! I received a letter today regarding my AOS interview and it is scheduled on 9/8/2020. A day after our first year wedding anniversary. What a wonderful gift this is to us! Wishing February 2020 filers would get the much awaited letter from USCIS soon! Date Filed : 2020-02-15 NOA Date : 2020-02-29 Bio. Appt. : 2020-03-16 CIS Office : Kansas City MO
  4. Aside from the copy of the documents (AOS, AP & EAD) sent in March, I'm planning to add: New pay stubs from hubby Recent photos with family and friends Anything else I need to prepare? Date Filed : 2020-02-15 NOA Date : 2020-02-29 Bio. Appt. : 2020-03-16 CIS Office : Kansas City MO
  5. Just in! EAD Case status: 2020-07-27 (New Card Is Being Produced) Date Filed : 2020-02-15 NOA Date : 2020-02-29 Bio. Appt. : 2020-03-16 No word yet on AP. and AOS is still showing ready to be scheduled for interview.
  6. Congratulations! I'm on pins and needles. My biometrics was on 3/16. Hoping for some news soon!
  7. I feel you. Mental health is truly a priority and praying you will be healed soon! My father died on April 30th(in the Philippines), the same day my husband was in a critical condition at the hospital. I couldn't fly back home to be with family and I couldn't visit/stay with my husband at the hospital due to no visitors policy. My siblings couldn't go back home too as we are scattered all over the world (there's 5 of us). Mom had our neighbors, friends and relatives for support during my father's wake, and after. She is strong. My only consolation is Dad was able to talk to her before he passed. I had to be strong and my outlet for my grief is my faith in God and gardening. I cry while doing chores etc. I only sleep maybe 3-4 hours a night. Thanked God for the internet, my family back home often have video calls and the nurses at the ICU's are very nice as they Facetimed me with my husband although he was sedated. Also, my MIL stayed with me at the house until my husband came home and our neighbors were the ones who mowed my lawn and backyard for me. My husband is back home and on the way to full recovery. Mom is doing okay and had accepted our loss. Friends, relatives and neighbors still visit her everyday. Two of my brother's friends lost their job due to covid and are staying with her full time now. We have set up a mini-store for her (like 7-11 but smaller and not as fancy) and it keeps her busy and she mostly get her social interactions that way. Like us, you will and can survive this!
  8. I'm trying to stay positive here. One way I look at this post is this is for people who will file for K1 or Cr1 - still on their native country. For people like us, who already immigrated here in the US, our cases will be processed BAU. Praying I'm reading President Trump's Twitter post correctly.
  9. Keep the faith fellow filers! You might get a surprise like I did one day. 😀 2/15 Filed AOS/EAD/AP 3/16 Biometrics 4/15 Case status changed to case ready to be scheduled for an interview
  10. Thank you! Not getting an RFE made me breathe a huge sigh of relief!😁 I arrived here on K1.
  11. I hope everyone is doing well despite of the current situation. I am happy to share the good news that my case is now ready to be scheduled for an interview! I can breathe easy I didn't have any RFE's.😅 I didn't check my case for a month, I think , as I literally put my AOS application at the back of my mind to prevent myself from stressing over it. Also, I've been busy with my spring cleaning, front and backyard gardening. My tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are now in their last week of bloom! Irises, pink lilies, peonies and other flowering shrubs I've forgotten the names are next to bloom. I've planted veggies, herbs and flower seedlings 6 weeks ago and they are now ready to be put in the ground. But the crazy Missouri weather is not cooperating! After springlike weather 2 weeks ago, we had cold front plus storm with heavy rains last week. And today, rain and snow is in forecast until tomorrow😓. Next week's forecast is back to sunny and up to 70's! If it stays warmer, we are planning to clean and treat our koi pond. My husband and I are dreading it!😄 What have you been up to while AOSing during this stay at home order? BTW, ours have been extended through May 15th. P.S. This is my future rose garden. There were three 20 y/o bushes in there that I had my husband uprooted and I've transplanted them at the side of our backyard garden. I've put in 6 different rose varieties (they're at the back part) and covered them with extra large planters when there's frost or freezing temp in forecast. I also planted anemones, English lavender, Iris. I will transplant my marigold and sage seedlings as soon as the soil gets warm consistently.
  12. This is what they wanted. There's no other way. I'm sorry. I hope you'll find a joint sponsor. 😥 after reviewing the evidence, USCIS has concluded that you are not eligible to adjust status because you failed to submit: *A properly completed and signed Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, from the petitioning sponsor with all pages present and of the latest edition date, the petitioning sponsor's Social Security Number, a correctly calculated household size, and a copy of the petitioning sponsor's Federal income tax return for the most recent tax year with all supporting tax documents. you have not established that you are eligible for adjustment under INA 245. therefore, USCIS must deny your form I-485. See 8 CFR, sections 103.2(b)(11)and (12).
  13. I got the same. I guess this is just a glitch in the system as others also received the same notice. Here's what a fellow VJ member shared to me. I hope this helps!
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