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  1. Your visa was just delayed getting issued due to other documents that was needed. So the correct answer is no🙂
  2. Thank you, Sarge! I did. 😀 Been reading and researching here in VJ and I'm so grateful for this great community for sharing their experiences and information. I got 5 packets including proof of genuine relationship (I front loaded😅) and I-864 with supporting docs in 1 USPS big bubble wrap envelope. Double checking and triple checking everything until we were at the post office to make sure we didn't miss anything. Tracked the packet on the USPS website it should arrive in Chicago on Tuesday.
  3. So sorry to hear you are having a hard time filing your SSN. I filed mine 6 days after I arrived and didn't have any problems. The woman I first spoke with didn't know the process for K1 so she endorsed me to someone who did. I am expecting my card to arrive next week. I am from Kansas City.
  4. Arrived on the Wednesday, the 17th at 11am. We were lucky we arrived ahead of schedule and not too many people at immigration.
  5. Everyone was friendly and helpful at LAX. If you think it’s a big airport, you should see Dallas! It’s huuuge! I had to take a skylink to get to my next boarding gate! But I had a nice view while waiting for my flight☺️
  6. I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post this but please feel free to move it where this post should belong☺️ I was going to share my POE experience as soon as I touched down but Been busy since last week; from attending seminars to meeting my fiancé’s immediate family. Oh, we will also have this family reunion on Sunday from his mothers side of the family and everyone are looking forward to meet me. It’s like 50-60 people. Wish me luck!😅 Manila flight going to Guangzhou arrived way ahead of schedule. Pacific flight on 7/17/19 from China to LAX was an hour ahead of schedule, middle seat was a no show so I get to lay down most of my 12 hour flight. CBP and TSA was a breeze! LAX to Dallas was also 45 min ahead of schedule. However, AA changed my flight time from Dallas to Kansas City 3x but gave me a window seat!☺️ My longest international flight was a good one! Also, I applied for my SSN yesterday at KC, first officer said she’s not familiar with K1s but endorsed me to someone who did which was very nice of her. Looking forward to getting my social security card in 2 weeks! Guess I should register with post office anytime soon Hope this is helpful to anyone who are POEing at LAX.
  7. It was sent to my sister's as I usually have my mails sent to theirs for security reasons(I live alone). I freaked out when she told me I have mail from USEM and I thought that my visa was approved in error!😅 Has anyone experienced this at all? Also, my A- number is included in the photocopy of the first page of our approved I-129F sent with the eligibility letter but not on the electronic notification or on the visa attached to my passport. My friend who was on K1 told me hers was on the visa page. Is it normal if it's not indicated on the visa page on my passport and won't cause any problems during POE? My flight is on 7/17.
  8. 2GO called me earlier and the man informed me I can have it delivered to my mailing address or pick it up from their SM Baguio branch! I didn’t expect this at all as my case in CEAC showed issue and was last updated on 6/4/2019☺️
  9. Or you’ll get a wonderful surprise call from 2GO saying that your packet is ready for pick up this afternoon. ☺️
  10. Just an update: 2GO called me today and said that my visa will be ready for pick up at SM Baguio later in the afternoon! I didn’t expect this at all! Last night, when I checked CEAC it still showed issue and it was last updated on 6/4/2019. I didn’t have time to check again this morning as I have to leave out of town for my wedding dress fitting☺️ So, I’m going to cut my trip short and go back to Baguio tomorrow and get my packet at 2GO SM😍 This is is such a wonderful surprise!
  11. Well, I hope they took their vitamins today! lol This waiting game is really a PITA
  12. That is more than the 10 day mark. I would call the embassy for information. Per CEAC: If you have not received your passport in more than 10 days after your interview, please contact the Embassy call center at (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to track the delivery of your passport. For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy Manila. Good luck and I hope you'll receive it next week!
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