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  1. non resident has to paper file, netfile is not available for non residents, you'll also only have to pay taxes to canada from jan-sept, after that you gotta do sept-dec to irs (usa) also i think if you have over $10k usd in your canadian bank(or any other foreign bank) usa requires you to file a FBAR? but i am not 100% sure on this, i believe i have to do it also this year.
  2. my wife's dads brother just came over on the sibling visa in September 2019, he waited like 14 or 15 years or so, now he is over here working away and enjoying America, it's a long wait but well worth it for people from non first world countries in my opinion.
  3. some of you will find their information helpful like I have for my first year in USA filing taxes! They are doing the AMA until 4PM today!
  4. Saw this happen a few months ago to another Canadian user. It's quite a nightmare and adds delays of up to 3-5 months+ from what I've seen other users experience. Check the post I linked. 😕 How long have you been waiting for the package?
  5. Yeah, and I didn't have any fee's on my TD account when I had one. I closed my TD account though since moving to the US.
  6. Jeez no 7/11, check if there is a wawa's?! Wawa's is literally 10x better than 7/11! Ewwww RBC closed my bank account while I was in Canada because I bought bitcoin... I do the opposite! I will vouch for TD over RBC any day because TD lets me be more free with my money. 😕
  7. Take a look here: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php match it with what city you are, that is typically on average how long you'll have to wait depending on which city you live in.
  8. So many stages to K-1 are you talking about from beginning to end? If yes I would say about 2 years.
  9. hey there, you don't actually go to the RCMP, you will go to a local place that takes your finger prints (it can be any random company that does this service) and they will ship your fingerprints to the RCMP and then RCMP will mail you your criminal records check. go on google maps and type in 'fingerprint services near me' and then call them and ask if they can give you a rcmp criminal records check under the privacy act, if they can go do it. It is seriously so easy. Walk in, tell them your name, take finger prints, pay, done. Some people mess up and pay for a "calgary police report" which is NOT the right thing you need. The US consulate in Montreal will say this is not what they want, and hand him a 221G paper asking for the proper one then you will get stuck in Administrative processing for who knows how long.
  10. Have her move to Nigeria for a few years then apply. The chance of you being accepted is slim to none.
  11. Hey guys, just found this topic, I filed my AOS in early July and just received my EAD & AP approval this past week. I assume I also got an update in October saying that my AOS is waiting for a time slot for an interview, I guess its dependent on my field office? (Orlando, FL) which seems to be about a 10month wait minimum right?
  12. eh, i wouldn't accuse anyone anything, i would suggest filing a CR-1 to be sure you get approved next time. Cost less than K-1 by a significant amount also.
  13. I filed for my AOS on July 5th and just got a text & email saying that my EAD & AP are both going to be deliveried within the next 2 weeks.
  14. hey there look at this thread at the very bottom, someone posted a picture of how it looks, this is the one you need. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/689696-how-to-get-canada-police-certificate/
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