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  1. purem4g1c

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    I have been seeing people book July dates now.
  2. purem4g1c

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    I got my fiance to photo copy the first 3 pages of the tax return just incase heh. I assume it is only the first page they're after anyways since it has the name address and amount earned 😃
  3. purem4g1c

    Montreal interview

    I am pretty sure all K1 interviews in Montreal happen at 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 am on Wednesday's only as of late. Have not seen, nor heard of anyone being on any day of the week other than Wednesday.
  4. purem4g1c

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    I see in your interview post that you said they asked for tax return for 2018. O_O I only have tax transcript hope that works lol, didn't bother bringing tax return because it was like 100 pages long because of all the stocks my sponsor has hahah
  5. purem4g1c

    Immunization Record

    if thats the only two shots you need yep, thats what I did and I went to my medical yesterday and they said I was covered on all immunizations I would need.
  6. purem4g1c

    Immunization Record

    You can yes, but if you have a health care card from whatever province you reside you should get your immunizations done for free. It could save you 500$+
  7. purem4g1c

    I-134 form - question regarding income and assets

    For proving domicile I am going to bring bank statement with my fiance's name and address, credit card statement, US passport photo copy of the bio page, and drivers license photo copy. Should be Philippines, just because she is working in Canada doesn't make her Canadian until she has citizenship here. She will have to go back to her country to do the interview and medical anyways. I've also seen that people who are PR Canadians seem to get stuck in AP for a long time too (1~3 months extra), so its better to get it all done in her home country. Also the medical exam in Canada is like $320 lowest depending on which doctor you end up going to. I think philipines is like $20
  8. purem4g1c

    Schedule interview k1 Canada

    yeah its fine, if you get approved you have 6 months from your medical to enter usa most canadians are last week until i129f expired (me too) 😛
  9. purem4g1c

    Schedule interview k1 Canada

    good luck and congratulations!! getting near the end >:)
  10. purem4g1c

    Schedule interview k1 Canada

    the one above the one you selected in the screenshot "I have received a letter/email from the consular section with instructions to register or schedule a K Visa appintment."
  11. Hmm, yeah but they may not like you working on US soil at all as far as I know.
  12. I see how stocks could be "self employed" because you may need certain credentials such as SSN etc to buy/sell them. What about Crypto Currency? There is much less regulation regarding it so it may by definition not be considered a job.
  13. Hi there, I was not sure what sub forum to put this question hopefully I am in the right place. I am going to my interview in a week and a half and after that I will be going to the US. I will have to apply for an EAD after marriage and was wondering are you allowed to sell/buy cryptocurrency & stocks without your EAD card? It's not technically a job but it does generate income in another way but not sure how the government sees it. Thanks.
  14. as I know, they do NOT accept real estate as an "asset" only savings accounts, checking accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF