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  1. To clarify: the vaccine requirement applies to non Canadians and people who couldn’t get in before, due to the closure. Now, those people (Americans) can get in if vaccinated. Anyone who could get in during the closure, such as Canadians and their spouses, do not need to be vaccinated to get in through the land border.
  2. My interview was pretty easy. We were barely asked for anything we brought, and just the standard questions. We didn’t bring our baby, though I saw others that did. Seems like it’s not a big deal in the NYC office, so I’d say it depends on you and your baby. If you can’t find a babysitter then it’s probably ok, but if your baby is the type to to get antsy it’s not a good idea as the wait can be substantial (an hour or more). I was asked for my most recent return, and I gave my 2020, though I probably could’ve given my 2019 instead. But again, all depends on your location and your interviewer.
  3. It took about 10 days to get the letter, and the interview was scheduled for about 5 weeks after that.
  4. How I wish this issue was the most pressing one facing all of us. Unfortunately it does not rank at all right now.
  5. Thanks, this is helpful. Where is the long thread that you are referring to?
  6. Very true. The talking head robots in the media propaganda machine only talk about illegal immigration and how important it is for for everything to go smoothly for them. Making things less torturous for spouses of USCs is way too commonsensical for them to discuss. Most Americans I talk to are shocked to hear that “you don’t become an American citizen when you marry an American?!”.
  7. Your local supermarket figured out what it had to do to stay in business. That entailed doing things unthinkable just a year ago. The government has not figured out to keep immigration in business. Of course the issues it’s facing are far more serious; that’s why it has billions of dollars and all the manpower to figure it out. Staying out of business for so long is not a solution.
  8. Nothing to do with Trump, it’s called government, plain and simple.
  9. Nobody is suggesting there are no issues, just that the issues need to be overcome and the government needs to stop passing the buck off to COVID. The US government is an organization that brings in trillions of dollars a year, they can figure this out, just like your local supermarket did a long time ago.
  10. Somehow every private company has figured out long ago how to do business in spite of COVID (at least the ones the government overlords allowed to open). If they don’t, they’ll go out of business. But government bureaucracies haven’t managed to figure it out and are still using COVID as an excuse for their incompetence. If they don’t adapt, the consequences for them are zero, and you having to stay apart from your family isn’t a thing. And Biden doesn’t want to fix the logjam, because that would actually make sense, and politicians don’t do those things.
  11. I actually have Informed Delivery but the green card is not showing up under packages. After some googling it looks like people have had this issue, though I don’t know how common it is. I do have the tracking number from USCIS though.
  12. Hey all, I am supposed to get my green card in the mail on Tuesday. There is a lot of contradictory information online about whether or not a signature is required. I've seen some sites say that from Oct. 2, 2020, they are requiring them (I got my EAD in august and it was not required). Can anyone chime in on this? Has there been a signature requirement update ij the last few months or not? Thanks
  13. Hey, a few more Qs for you guys before our interview tomorrow. 1. Do copies of documents need to be in color or is black and white ok? 2. Is there a place on this site that people post reviews of USCIS centers and their interview experiences there? I know there is for embassies/consulates but cna't find for USCIS. 3. Technically, I meet the support guidelines but may still fall short. (I'm below 250% and I went back to school this year, though our current income is still close to the minimum and our assets more than make up for the deficiency.). I will have an affidavit on hand from a joint sponsor who will definitely pass, but he doesn't want me to hand it in unless it's needed. My question is, will the interviewer tell me my I-864 didn't pass and give me the opportunity to submit the joint? Or will he/she potentially not tell me and just reject it post interview? Thanks for your help
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