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  1. Hi all, my EAD is in the mail and I'm tracking it with USPS informed delivery (no tracking info was posted on USCIS...). Do I need to be present and sign for it when it comes or will it be left in the mailbox? I saw that USCIS says that you have to sign but USPS doesn't mention that at all (like no mention of electronic signing or for any need to sign at all). Can someone with recent experience let me know? Thanks
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for some advice on the public charge rule. Is enrolling in a state funded 'essential" plan like NY's a public charge problem? On NYS.gov it says it is not but I just want to make sure. Thanks
  3. Thanks. Will I get an update with a tracking number once it gets mailed?
  4. Yesterday my status said "card being produced" and today it updated to say "case was approved, we sent an approval notice" (along with my I-131, which until now had nothing). Is this normal? Seems like its going backwards.
  5. I just got my EAD approved and hope to get it in the mail soon. I’ve seen some conflicting information on whether SSN cards are being sent out now. What has been the experience of people here? Have you been getting the SSN cards after your EADs or not because the offices are closed? Thanks
  6. Wow, that was fast, just got my approval, a couple hours after the expedite approval. Now the mailing-has it been picking up speed? What am I looking at for that? Also, my EAD case status updated to “card being produced”, but my AP did not. I assume this is normal and the card will be combo even though there’s no note on the AP?
  7. Financial loss, though I was also outside normal processing time Thanks. Has the printer issue been resolved or are the cards still taking a long time to come?
  8. So I finally got the expedite approved (almost 2 weeks since I asked for it). How long does the next step (approval of the EAD) usually take now?
  9. There definitely is a difference between the US and Canada. But you’ve also pulled from the bottom of the gene pool. Though it’s nothing personal, they just have no incentive to help you. They’re fine no matter how they perform, welcome to government.
  10. If it didn’t take 6+ months or if they still had the walk in option a lot less people would need it...
  11. By notice do you mean the email asking for evidence or a status update on the case?
  12. Great, so that’s where we’re holding now, a month for an expedite, can immigration get any more frustrating?!?!? (I know, it can...) How long did it take for your case to be updated to show that an expedite request was put in?
  13. Just checking for recent experience here...I sent in an expedite request on Friday 7/17, received the email request almost right away, and faxed in the evidence within a few hours. Since then I have not heard anything nor has the case been updated at all. Is this normal now? Is there anything useful a tier 2 rep could tell me if I called in?
  14. Is this one of the things that changed with the new forms on February 24?
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