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  1. Some countries are more strict, some less. Regardless, allowing couples to live together is the right thing. And as for spouses that are not eligible, they can come temporarily and be removed. Not perfect, but a lot better than keeping 95% apart for years. (Of course, another solution would be to cap CP processing times at 3 months and/or expand DCF to make it mainstream. But that would actually make sense and would involve government working efficiently, so not going to happen.)
  2. Everyone as in all spouses. Lots of countries do it, it works just fine, and it makes sense.
  3. OP: your frustrations are valid but ultimately misplaced. The answer to AOS “unfairness” is not fewer and longer AOS, but fewer and shorter consular processing. This country today is hyper focused on “rights”. Everyone is entitled to every “right” imaginable, except for that of a US citizen to marry and live here with his/her spouse in a timely and inexpensive manner. As others have pointed out, many countries recognize the need for temporary legal status after marriage to keep families together. The notion that US law obligates the vast majority of foreign spouses to live apart for months or years while multiple layers of lazy bureaucracy take their sweet time is frankly obscene. If a spouse is denied, there’s no appeal-what about the right of a USC to live with his/her spouse? That can’t overcome a decision passed down from on high, from a random embassy official who has ultimate power over your life? AP can take months or years, and it can destroy a family, but you know it won’t affect at all? The people who made that decision and are responsible for it taking 6 months to read a piece of paper. So, you are right, the system is crazy unfair, but the solution is to unite families, not tear them apart further. There should be a legal path to AOS for everyone and consular processing should be limited and shortened.
  4. Did you file I-131 as well? My 485 and 765 have been updated to show fingerprints have been taken but not the 131. I assume this is normal because the 131 wasn’t even on the fingerprint notice (apparently because it’s bunched together with the 765) but just want to make sure.
  5. Hi all, My biometrics appointment notice lists both my I-485 and I-765 but not my I-131. Is this normal? Are biometrics not required for AP? Thanks
  6. Hi all, My I-485 has a Received Date of Jan 16, 2020 but a Priority Date of August 3, 2018, which is when I originally filed my I-130 (I did not file concurrently). Does this impact the speed/timing of the I-485 at all? Will it be faster than usual or does it go only after Received Date? On a related note, my Notice Date is listed as Jan 21, 2020. In the timeline, in the field for NOA date, do I put the Received Date or Notice Date (I assume the latter). Thanks
  7. Thanks, that’s what I thought. Some people have 3-4 days after receipt of filing, seemed too fast to have gone through processing and mailing.
  8. When people write in their timelines a date for NOA, is that for receipt of the actual notice or just the priority date on the notice? I filed Jan. 15, received 16, text messages on 23 (confirming receipt on 16) but still no NOA. Is this normal?
  9. Hey all, I was just wondering, given that most AOS timelines here are from K1s, is there any difference in processing times for them vs other visas such as B2 (also family based)? I see that a lot of people in my local office (NYC) had less than 6 months between filing and interview dates-is that because they were K1s or nothing to do with that? Thanks
  10. Got you. So given that NBC handles all family based I-131s, most of the timelines here for I-131s should be NBC based, even if they don’t say so specifically, right? I’m asking because the estimated timeframe on USCISs website says 5.5-7.5 months for AP in NBC, but most people here seem to be getting them in 3-5 months.
  11. Thanks guys. Are you saying though that MSC will probably handle my EAD/AP or will it likely get passed on to VSC? I have a MSC case number-does everyone start off with that and then (usually) get transferred to closer SC? When will I know which SC will handle my case?
  12. Hey all, I just filed my 1-485, 131 & 765. They were all sent to NBC/MSC, even though my state is NY, which is under the jurisdiction of VSC. A few questions- 1. Why was it sent to MSC instead of VSC? Are all AOSs sent there? 2. My understanding is that AP/EADs are adjudicated by service centers, NOT local CIS offices. On VJ timelines for AP, however, there is no info on service centers, only CIS offices. Why is that and how is that helpful? If I want to know timelines for AP/EAD specifically for NBC/MSC, how can I find that? 3. Following from point 3, is it true (what I've seen mentioned somewhere here) that all AP/EADs filed concurrently with AOS are sent to NBC/MSC? If so, I assume that most AP/EAD timelines here are from NBC/MSC...? Thanks
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