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  1. They got back to me like 12days after I submitted. My status changed to AP just 3 days after I summited it.
  2. You should have your visa by now. My case was more complicated. I submitted what they asked for and I got my visa. You should too
  3. Before misleading people or putting things out there, get your facts right!!! If you get cheated on by a citizen, he/she is called a cheater but if he/she is from another country, they are using you. I’m not exonerating anyone but don’t forget cheating knows no geography.
  4. It’s not expensive to get it so get a new one though they’ve might not even ask for it and even if they do, you won’t be denied a visa for that. They may ask you to go get it before your visa is issued.
  5. I came in though JFK and all was cool. No question was asked just routine checks. So no worries.
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