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  1. Hello everyone! Does anyone know what would be the Service Center for Austin, TX? Last I did my BIO on Nov 16th and nothing since then and really hoping for my EAD soon. I want to see what the processing time is but not sure which Service Center to look at...
  2. How long after the confirmation text did you get your noa1 in the mail?
  3. How long after the text did you get the actual paper copy on NOA1?
  4. My husband and I want to travel to Vegas from Texas and back for SEMA next week. The 90 days have passed and we have submitted AOS. We have received a text confirming they have received but haven’t received the physical letter (NOA1) in the mail. Would it be safe to fly or would we run into issues? I’ve read mixed reviews and do not want there to be any issue or doubt before purchasing a ticket.